Laika Self Cleaning Slicker Cat Dog Brush

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  • 🐶Skin-Protective Massage Bristles - LAIKA pet slicker brush has 364 finely curved independent cleaning bristles, designed to penetrate DEEP into the coat, and can groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet's skin, making your pet's grooming experience worthwhile!

  • 🐱A Healthy Shiny Coat - LAIKA pet brush can not only remove 95% dead hair, eliminates tangles and knots but also can be used as a massage brush with ROUNDED ENDS on the bristles, which will help to increase blood circulation and prevent skin disease.

  • 🐶One Easy Click Button - The self-cleaning brush can remove the hair from the brush easily with the CLEVER SELF CLEANING button after done brush. Just simply click the button, the bristles will retract back into the brush, then all the hairs that stay tightly together can be easily removed from the brush. Effortless and time-saving.

  • 🐱Ergonomic and Non-Slip Handle - Our pet shedding brush is designed with a non-slip and ergonomic handle which ensures a secure grip for reducing the pressure on hands, prevents hand and wrist strain for a long time use.

  • 🐶Works for Most Hair Types - The grooming brushes are suitable for small to large dogs, cats, and other pets with short hair or long hair.
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