Laika Calming Furniture Protector for Dogs

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­čÉż┬áSize : XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
   Outer    Inner
XS 60*50 cm 40*40 cm
S 70*65 cm 50*50 cm
M 80*75 cm 60*60 cm
L 90*80 cm 70*70 cm
XL 105*95 cm 84*84 cm
XXL 115*95 cm 100*84 cm

­čÉż┬áWhy our calming furniture protector is so popular┬á

  • Soft faux fur for a happy, comfortable pup
  • Ultimate comfort and joint support with our high bolsters
  • Removable and washable cover to keep it fresh
  • Protects your couch from hair, spills, and mess
  • Beautifully designed to blend with your home decor
­čÉż┬áWhy Does My Pet Need This?
  • Whether they're curling up for the night or they're just taking their afternoon nap, most dogs will sleep just about anywhere. But cold, hard floors make it difficult to get comfortable, this can diminish sleep quality and worsen joint pain, leading to less than optimal health and behavior. Sometimes this leads to panic problems that aren't easy to handle, too. Even if pets are allowed up on the furniture, this often leads to damage, lots of loose hair, and smells.
  • 94%┬áof customers reported that their dog experienced reduced stress & anxiety, whilst┬á39%┬áfollowed up with an email expressing how their pet 'loves' it!
  • Our Calming Furniture Protector is┬áspecially designed to┬áreduce your pup's anxiety┬áwhilst allowing you to keep them where they feel most safe, next to you!┬áThe raised rim creates a┬ásense of security,┬áwhilst┬áthe┬ápremium ultra-soft fur┬ákeeps your dog┬ácozy and protects your furniture!┬á


"My dog is very picky about where he sleeps, but he is obsessed with this furniture bed, he no longer has anxiety and is a lot happier!"  

Mary, London