Cat Fountain Replacement Pump

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🐱[Ultra-Quiet & Energy Saving Pump] 2W low consumption; The water pump will automatically stop running in the case of water shortage, which can effectively extend the service life of the water pump.

How to Clean And Replace Pump?

Easy Steps
1.Place on level ground, uncharged
2.Remove the top
3.Slowing pour the water back into the tank
4.Unscrew the waterproof connector and unplug to remove the pump
5.Pull out the water pump cover
6.The cover is tightly closed; use tools not nails to open and avoid injury.
7.Remove the impeller cover plate and take out the impeller
8.Soak clean the internal parts of the pump with clean water
9.Hold the wire up away from the water
10.Reassemble the pump in sequence
11.Cleaning the pump could reduce the noise made by the pump
Plug in the wire
12.Screw in the waterproof connector

(The magnetism will be weakened after a period of use; it is recommended to replace the pump once a year.)

Re-install the water tank and the top
Plug in
Wait 3 seconds and it's on

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