How to Install LAIKA Aqua Pet Water Fountain

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On this page, you'll see instructions about how to assemble and disassemble LAIKA pet drinking fountain. Video Available↓

Some pets may be cautious of this new source of water. After LAIKA Pet Water Fountain is all set, allow your pet to adjust on their own pace. Playing with water is one kind, so be aware that your floor could get a little wet for the first few days. Or you may learn more on 6 Tips For Training Your Cats To Drink From Pet Water Fountain.

What you should know before we start

LAIKA Pet Water Fountain has been assembled when you receive the package. Two pet fountain filters included (one has been inserted in the filter box, another is a BONUS for replacement).

Section I How to install LAIKA Aqua Pet Water Fountain

Note: Rinse pet water fountain before use; see how to clean.

Step 1: Remove the top. Place the water fountain on level ground, unplugged. Remove the top cover by placing one hand on the lower part and lift up the top cover with another hand. Set the top cover off to the side.

Step 2: Fill the pet fountain water tank. Lift up the water tank with your thumb and index fingers. Rinse it with plain water and fill the tank with fresh water under the “MAX” mark. Then, reinstall the water tank to the fountain body and put the top cover in place.

Step 3: Charged. Place the pet drinking fountain in the desired location. Connect the electrical cords, plug in. Before you plug in the pet drinking fountain, make sure the cord and your hands are dry.

Section II How much water do you need to fill in the cat water fountain?

Note: Rinse the water tank before use; see how to clean.

MAX: Add water under the “MAX” mark.


  • Off the power
  • Remove the top (pour the water on the top into water tank if have)
  • Pour out the remaining water from the water tank
  • Add water as needed

Reinstall: Place the pet water fountain on level ground, hold the water tank firmly, slowly put it back to the pet water fountain, and put the top cover back.


Section III What should you do after installation?

Plug: Connect the cords, then plug in and charge.

Wait: Wait for 3 seconds. All indicator lights will turn on once the pet water fountain is charged and twinkle 3 times. Take 3s to get ready. The Pet drinking fountain starts to work after the lights are off.

What do the lights indicate?

UV Germicidal Light:

It turns on when UV germicidal light is working. UV germicidal light continuously works every 4 hours, 30 mins for each when the pet water fountain is in the NORMAL mode. While in ECO mode, the UV light works every 4 hours, 15 mins for each.

Filter Replacement Light:

It reminds you to replace the pet fountain filter. Filter replacement light will be on and twinkle when it is up to one month. Press the “Mode Switch” button for 3 seconds to reset the filter time after the replacement.

Water Shortage Light:

It’s on when the water is not enough for running. When water is too low, the pet fountain pump will stop working, and then the water shortage light will be on (no effects on UV light). It will off once you refill the water as needed; see section II for how to refill.

How can I change the running operation mode?

You can choose two different modes of running water with the LAIKA Pet Water Fountain.

NORMAL” mode: Water keeps running

ECO” mode: Pet drinking fountain takes 5 mins gap after one minute running.

Where: “Mode Switch” button is on the back of the pet water fountain

How: Double-tap the button within 1 second, running mode will switch to ECO mode. And double-tap again to switch back.


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