How to Clean & Replace The Pump

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On this page you'll see steps on how to clean and replace the pump.

  • Place on level ground, uncharged
  • Remove the top
  • Slowing pour the water back into the tank
  • Unscrew the waterproof connector and unplug to remove the pump
  • Pull out the water pump cover
  • The cover is tightly closed; use tools not nails to open and avoid injury.
  • Remove the impeller cover plate and take out the impeller
  • Soak clean the internal parts of the pump with clean water
  • Hold the wire up away from the water
  • Reassemble the pump in sequence
  • Cleaning the pump could reduce the noise made by the pump
  • Plug in the wire
  • Screw in the waterproof connector

(The magnetism will be weakened after a period of use; it is recommended to replace the pump once a year.)

  • Re-install the water tank and the top
  • Plug in
  • Wait 3 seconds and it's on