How to Clean & Replace The Pump

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The water pump in a cat water fountain needs regular maintenance to keep the water running. On this page, you’ll know the steps of how to clean and replace the pump of the Laika Aqua Cat Water Fountain.

Easy Steps

  • Place on level ground, uncharged
  • Remove the top
  • Slowing pour the water back into the tank
  • Unscrew the waterproof connector and unplug to remove the pump
  • Pull out the water pump cover
  • The cover is tightly closed; use tools not nails to open and avoid injury.
  • Remove the impeller cover plate and take out the impeller
  • Soak clean the internal parts of the pump with clean water
  • Hold the wire up away from the water
  • Reassemble the pump in sequence
  • Cleaning the pump could reduce the noise made by the pump
  • Plug in the wire
  • Screw in the waterproof connector

(The magnetism will be weakened after a period of use; it is recommended to replace the pump once a year.)

  • Re-install the water tank and the top
  • Plug in
  • Wait 3 seconds and it's on

Detailed Steps

Section I: Before the start

  • Unplug the fountain

Always take this step ahead of anything for your safety. An uncharged fountain guarantees your safety and allows you to conduct a convenient and thorough cleaning.

  • Disassemble the fountain

Place the fountain flat and steady on the level ground or table. Slightly lift the side of the indicator light on the top and slowly pour the water on the top back into the tank. Then remove the top.


Section II: How to Clean & Replace the Pump

  • Disassemble the pump

1. Rotate to unscrew the pump. Pull the pump out of the plastic tube, and then pull the small plastic tube out.


2. Remove the cover of the pump, which is tightly closed; use tools but not nails to open the cover to avoid unnecessary injuries. Remove the impeller cover plate and take out the impeller.

  • Steps to clean the pump

What: The pump cover, impeller cover plate, impeller, plastic tube, and the main pump body.

How: Thoroughly rinse the plastic tube, the pump, and internal parts with clean water.

Note: Hold the wire up away from the water while cleaning the pump to avoid splashing the connector.

  • How to reassemble the pump

  1. Wait until all the components become dry after cleaning.
  2. Reassemble the pump in sequence.
  • Put the impeller back into the pump, then the impeller cover plate. And last, make sure the water pump cover is back on the pump tightly.
  • Press the plastic tube back to the position.
Note: Make sure the plastic tube is pressed to the very bottom; otherwise, the top cannot be completely shut up.
  • Re-screw the waterproof connector back together.

Section III: How to Replace the Pump

  • Take the used water pump out

  1. Rotate to unscrew the pump connector
  2. Pull the pump out of the plastic tube
  3. Replace a new pump back in the fountain
  • Press the new pump down into the plastic tube to the very bottom

  • Rotate to screw the connector back together.

Section VI: FAQs

Q: I can hear water running through after the first several weeks, What’s wrong?

A: As saliva, food particles, and hair get more in the water, the filter is too “full” to filter the impurities, making the water thicker. Meanwhile, the water pump can get stuck as particles and hair pile up.

In this circumstance, we suggest you change the filter, replace the water. And  thoroughly clean the water pump if those solutions do not help.

Note: It’s recommended to change filters every 3-4 weeks and replace the water once a week. But you should adjust the time according to your pet’s drinking frequency and drinking habits.


Q: The water does not pump, need help!

A: The water pump cannot pump as usual if stuck with something and may also make sounds. We recommend you disassemble the pump and check if anything in the impeller makes the pump stop working—video tutorial of How to Disassemble the Pump.

If it does not help, please contact us by email at; we’re here for your assistance.

Section V: Video Tutorial