Laika Wisdom Dog Toys Slow Leakage Feeding Training

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  • Educational dog toy: This is an educational dog toy. Dogs can effectively improve their intelligence by using this toy.
  • Mobile food leakage turntable: The top of the toy is designed with a food leakage turntable, There are several rotatable food leakage boxes on the track of the turntable. Dog food or snacks can be put into the hole on the top of the tood leakage box, the dog tums the granary box with claws. When the food reakage box passes through the food leakage hole on the track, the dog food or snacks will slide into the slow food plate in the middle of the toy, so that the dog can get food as a reward
  • Slow food bowl design: The middle of the toy is designed with a slow food column. You can also directly put dog food or snacks into it and use it as a slow food dog bowl. By extending the dog's eating time, protect the dog's gastrointestinal health.
  • Non-slip gel pad design: The bottom of the toy is designed with 4 Non-slip gel pads, which can firmly absorb the toy on the smooth ground and prevent the dog from knocking over the toy when playing or eating, no glue marks will be left on the ground after the toys are removed.
  • Safe materials & design: The product is made from food-grade polypropylene and free of bisphenol A, PVC and phthalates. It is completely safe for your dog to use.