Laika Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket

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Leaf shape blanket with a soft touch, let your pup lie on it or tuck them in this softness, enjoy a lazy cozy afternoon.

These cute colors and designs also give your home nice decor.

  • Material: The leaf-shaped blanket is made up of cotton in outlining, and the lining is made up of high-quality polyester. It is soft, thick, and padded, creating a warm sleep surface for pets
  • Easy Care: Machine washable dog bed, we usually recommend handwashing. Dog bed for crate will keep the original shape even after many times of washing
  • Dual Usages: It's super thick and padded, which means not only can you cozy up underneath it, you can use it like a dog bed or rug. It's huge and fits two dogs or cats comfortably.
  • Size:
    Ginkgo Yellow: 50x45 inches/127x115 cm;
    Anthurium Pink: 47x43 inches/120x110 cm;

It blends seamlessly into home decor and also matches perfectly with our Dog Bed - Donut and Cozy Dog Teepee.

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