Laika Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain

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  • Battery Operated or USB Powered: Run on plug-in power for indoor use, or batteries for outside use, or both for the added battery backup feature: Load batteries and then plug in, it will default to DC power priority, but once a power cut occurs, it will auto switch to the battery power supply and auto mode to continuously work with the least battery consumption to let you be absent as long as it is possible(up to 30 days), with the peace of mind that pets’ water supply won’t be interrupted.
  • Auto IR SENSOR Mode & Normal Mode(constant flow): AUTO mode: It will turn on and water comes outs as your pet enters the sensing area (sensing angle: 120°| sensing distance: 3.93ft), and it would be shut down when the pet leave
  • 2.5L Water Capacity & Visible Water Level: Our cat drinking fountain with 2.5L large water capacity in the tank. A transparent case allows you to have a clear vision of how much water is left.
  • 24/7 running water goes through a quintuple filtration, offering your pets a safe, pure water source.
  • The fountain will auto power off and red light on when water is low, indicator lights will be on accordingly to remind you of the relevant status.