LAIKA Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Ball

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Scratching is natural.l feline behavior, which contributes a lot to the physical and mental wellness of cats. the lovely appearance will attract cats to scratch, exercise, and play indoors to meet this instinctive need. The scratching post can also be an interesting and visually attractive decoration in your home.
  • Furniture Protection: Designed for all kinds of Cat Scratching Posts, keeps the claws trimmed. Helps to replenish cat claws, and cat toys. Great for protecting your furniture, wallpaper, and carpets against the natural scratching behavior of your cat. Save money on maintaining the furniture.
  • High Quality: The base of the triangle frame is designed to support a sisal ball, which is stable and difficult to pour so that cats can not be hurt and is safer when playing with this toy. The sisal cat scratching ball is made of environment-friendly and durable materials and will not fall apart easily.
  • Attract Cats'Attention: This kind of sisal cat scratching ball toy is different from ordinary cat toys. The unique hollow design meets the curiosity of cats by combining the characteristics of cats' natural love of drilling holes. The spinning sisal ball can also greatly attract the cat's attention.
  • Easy to install: This cat toy comes with a screwdriver. Installation is very easy. Use a hard stick to connect two V-shaped pieces, pull the sword up the cat to catch the stick on the ball, put another board on the stick, and tighten the three screws on the board.

S: 18*18*16cm; Ball diameter: 12cm
L: 22*18*16cm; Ball diameter: 16cm