Laika Aqua Ultra-Quiet Cat Water Fountain

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Β Did you know that most pets don't drink enough water?

Β  Β  Make sure your fur family is properly hydrated with our Lycra Pet Fountain!
By providing a constant stream of fresh filtered water. It's the easiest way to directly improve their health and well-being.
🐱 29db Ultra-Silent Professional Pump - The Leica Aqua Fountain Sleep Level Ultra-Silent Pet Fountain Pump operates at less than 29dB and can be used in the bedroom. No need to worry about scaring your pet or disturbing your daily life, even at night.

🐢 Easy to clean and detach - With the detachable housing and integrated pump, our sleek cat water fountain can be easily disassembled. No dead space, no tools required to disassemble and clean. Simply rinse with water.

🐱Quadruple filtration system and UV germicidal light- The water pump comes with a mesh quadruple purification filter cover that keeps out hair debris and other dirt, ensuring your pet can drink the cleanest and most sanitary water possible. Built-in UV germicidal light to thoroughly clean the water. Safer for your pet.

🐢 91 oz/2.7 liters Large capacity and 2 modes - With a tank capacity of 91 oz/2.7 liters, this is a great water dispenser for pets of all sizes to drink from for extended periods of time. This water dispenser has 2 modes to meet your various needs. Recirculation mode helps prevent bacteria growth and keeps water clean; Eco mode is energy efficient.

🐱Smart Indicator Light and Auto Shut-off - The Auto Cat Water Dispenser Smart Indicator Light will turn red to alert you of water shortages and to replace the fountain filter. In addition, the pump will automatically stop working when the water level is tool.
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