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woman and a balck white dog hugging together
Do you want your new pet dog to like you? After all, you don’t want to declare the infamous heartbreaking sentence: “My dog doesn’t like me!” As an owner, It’s easy to get discouraged when your dog doesn’t trust you....
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balck and tan short coat medium sized dog lying on floor beside dog toys
Since our furry friends play a vital role in our lives, we always want to see them happy and healthy. But when it comes to buying toys for your best buddy, there are certain questions all owners ask themselves; what...
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a dog lying on floor with laika dog ball in mouth
It’s heartbreaking to see our dearest fuzzy companions bored, so we try to occupy them with some toys, only to find out that they can’t withstand the chaotic energy that lies underneath that cute face. If you’re wondering what toys...
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