Why Dog Nail Grinder Is Good?

Why Dog Nail Grinder Is Good?

Pet’s nails grow fast, and it’s not easy to trim with tools because of the quick inside the nails. We’re afraid of hurting our pets, even with the special for pet clippers.

We trim a little, no differences; we trim more, it causes bleeding. Ignore it? Your sofa hurts, and most importantly, your pets’ health situation is in risk. Tell me, what can I do?

Try a nail grinder, an electric nail trimmer for dogs, cats and other animals.

It’s for you, pet parents.

We all feel afraid of the clippers. Why? Cuts are quick to make with clippers, but maybe too quick for the Quick.

But a dog nail grinder is not. A nail grinder is electricity-powered and grinds down a dog’s nail through the use of friction.

Its speed is adjustable. From low to high, it depends on your dog’s nail length and hardness. It’s the first time trimming a dog’s nails? Start with the lowest level, and grind little by little; once you can handle it well, higher speed can make the work more effective.

You are the one to control the tempo, so much less likely to accidentally file too short and “quick” the dog.

Yes, they are slower, but also much safer nail trimmers for dogs than clippers.



One of the most significant advantages of a nail grinder is that you can smooth and round nails while wearing them down; two works have been done simultaneously, which differs from clippers.

Dog nail grinder serves as dog nail clippers, as well as dog nail files. You can file your pup’s nail often as long as the quick stay safe.

For your information, “The longer the nail, the farther toward the tip of the nail, the quick will extend,” so filing nails regularly, what a dog nail grinder can offer, benefits a lot.



Easy, portable are the features I can’t reject. Usually, dog nail grinders are cylindrical shaped, easy to hold, even for small hands. They are also portable, not heavy to carry for a short trip.

All advantages make a dog nail grinder a perfect gift for your friends who have dogs, cats or other animals.

Pets love it

For canines with clipper anxiety

Dog nail grinder is suitable for dogs with clipper anxiety. Clippers make sudden, sharp sounds; dogs may feel frightened and refuse to sit still for long. So, if you’ve tried dog nail clippers that don’t work, you may have better luck getting your dog a dog nail grinder.

Suitable for most pets

Dog nail grinders cut nails down by grinding, so grinding ports for different animals are included. A pet family with dogs and cats must have a dog nail grinder, saving both time and money.

Do not feel sad when you can’t cut nails perfectly; you’re a great pet parent. Maybe you just get the wrong tools. If clippers do not work, why not try other nail tools?


We all deserve better.


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