Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?


Families with pups can always find one or more squeaky toys in their dog's toys basket, and it's one of the most seen scenarios that watching our dogs "fight with" a squeaky toy till it finally "keeps silent." Dogs always return to their squeaky toys, even with tons of new ones coming in. So why do dogs like squeaky toys so much?

Why Do Dogs Like The Sound of Squeaky Toys?

Animal Hunting Instinct

Dogs as pets might not always consider a predator while their instincts are still alive. Based on the American Kennel Club (AKC), years of studies on why dogs prefer some toys over others have concluded that dogs love certain toys that can result from the instincts of their wolf ancestors. 

Dogs treat toys the same way how wolves perceive prey; dogs like toys that smell like food and make sounds, as toys like those can fulfill dogs' hunting drive. The sound of squeaky toys simulates the high-pitched noises that a scared prey would make, and ripping squeaky toys is a fight between predator and prey. Once the toys stop squeaking, it tells your pup that she has successfully "killed" the prey, and she won. 

So, you might be annoying about the squeaky noises from those toys, but your pal likes and enjoys squeaky toys a lot due to their instinct drives.

Immediate Gratification and Reward

Squeaky toys usually have a little squeaker inside, making noises whenever pressed or squeezed. And, dogs can't resist these immediate rewards from the sounds. Squeaky dog toys respond at every bite, conveying a message to your dogs, "Your bite is strong and effective. Keep biting!" Howl, this happy feedback encourages your pup to return to their squeaky toys.

Interactive Play Invitation

One question for you, have you ever noticed that your pup likes to play with her squeaky toys around you? I guess so. Wagging tails and licking hands are general signs of invitation from dogs to beg for an interactive play. Now, you know one more.

Dogs like squeaky toys. You probably think they are having their playful time. It's true, but sometimes, it's an invitation for you to play with them.

The dog receives positive reinforcement and attention from the owner by interacting with the squeaker toy.


Pure Fun

Have you ever noticed how much fun your dog has when playing with squeaky toys? Dogs love to chase after and chew on something, and toys can keep dogs entertained and occupied. Pure fun is a part of why dogs like squeaky toys.

So, now you understand that squeaker toys for dogs are satisfaction guaranteed.

FAQs About Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

Why Is My Dog Afraid of Squeaky Toys?

When you introduce a squeaky toy over, it's totally fine if your pooch runs the other way. Some dogs are less prey-motivated or less likely to play with these toys and may find it frightening. 

Sure, there is something you can do.

You can start with a softer squeaker and get involved in interactive squeaky toy play. As a trustworthy human to your pup, if you show a great passion and interest in playing with the squeaky toys around will make those toys much more convincing. Also, get your pooch involved once her guard. You can toss it to her and make a little reward game like hiding and seek. These courses of action can help. If not, try other toys she'll enjoy.

Dogs have different personalities even within the same breed, and you may find a dog acts shy and reserved even if she is from an active, aggressive breed. So, no pressures do the owner, or the pooch needs to have if the dog is not into squeaky toys.

Does There Any Good For Dogs Playing With Squeaky Toys?

To mere humans, why do dogs like the sound of squeaky toys seems to be a bit of nonsense, as hearing repeated squeaker sounds is quite annoying. You miss out on knowing the positive benefits of squeaky toys' playtime.

Dental Health

Squeaky toys, especially squeaky chew balls with uneven surfaces, can help your dog improve your dog's dental health. Constant chews keep plaque away, cut back on tartar buildup, strengthen the jaw, and keep their mouth fresh.

Physical and Mental

Allowing your pooch to play on its instincts is healthy for them physically and mentally. Enough playtime with their favorite toy relieves energy and allows them to explore the world.

How To Choose A Safe Squeaky Toy?

Tons of squeaky toys to choose from on the market. It's true that some toys are cute and look more fun to play with, but durability and safety are what really matter. Stuffed plush toys are less durable and more likely to be destroyed quickly, indicating frequent replacement. Moreover, plush toys are easier to pose a choking risk than others due to the hair or fur from toys.

As he chews on these toys, your dog's teeth and gums will be cleaned, so choose rubber or latex toys with raised or spiked surfaces, to ensure that it helps with better dental hygiene.

Safety comes first. Remember to look for toys made from natural or food-grade material. Be careful when it comes to everything that goes into the dog's mouth, so to make how to choose safe dog toys such important.

With Squeaky Toys, Be Aware Of Their Potential Dangers

Squeaker toys may wear out or get damaged after days' aggressive bites.

Supervise The Squeaky Play

You should always supervise the squeaky toy plays, as many dogs may get themselves in danger. Dogs get so obsessed with chasing squeaker toys that they may swallow parts of the toy after ripping out the toys, so it is always best to supervise your pooch's playtime with squeaker toys.

Inspect Toys Regularly 

Inspect your dog's toy basket regularly, and check if any of them are destroyed or damaged. Please remove or replace those toys to prevent your dog keep playing with those hazardous toys.

Have Your Squeaky Toy-Obsessed Dog Occupied


Now that you have the answer to your question, "why do dogs like squeaky toys?" Is it perfect for getting your pooch entertained with squeaky toys? Or make it a reward for her good behaviors. 


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