Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Families with pups usually have one or two squeaky toys in the home. And you may be familiar with the “Squeak” sound if you have a dog who loves playing with squeaky toys.

Indeed, dogs love the squeaky sounds. Some may think it’s annoying, but their dogs like those. So, have you ever wondered why are the squeaky sounds so appealing to dogs? You may figure it out here.

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Sounds?

Hunting Instinct

Dogs are animals descended from wolves, and both share striking similarities. As we all know, wolves hunt for their food, and that instincts still exist in dogs. Dogs see squeaky toys as their prey.

The way dogs play with dog toys is similar to how wolves treat their prey. The squeak in the dog toys sounds like an animal that is injured or scared, which activates their hunting instincts. Once the toys or balls stop squeaking, it tells the dog that he has successfully “killed” their prey. That’s why dogs can make dog toys squeak for hours, then return to it again, and never get tired of it. Hunting instincts drive them to do so.

Immediate Gratification and Reward

When something is fun to do, you can’t stop doing it. That also works on dogs. Dogs can’t resist the immediate reward that comes from the sounds. Squeaky dog toys respond at every biting, giving a message to your dogs, “Your bite is strong and effective, keep biting!” This happy feedback encourages your pup to return to their squeaky toys repeatedly.

Health Benefits

To mere humans, it's kind of annoying to hear repeated squeaky sounds. But you may not know the good benefits associated with squeaky toys playtime.

Dental Health

Chews can help your dog improve your pet’s tooth and gum health. Dental chews are a great way to keep plaque away and cut back on tartar buildup, it’s a way to strengthen the jaw and keep their mouth fresh.

Physical and Mental

Allowing your dog to play on its instincts is healthy for them both physically and mentally. Enough playtime lets your dog relieve energy and explore the world, these movements make your dog exercise. Dog toys play on his desire makes him happy and satisfied.

Always Inspect

You should never let your dog play with a toy unsupervised. Toys may wear out after enough plays, you should keep your eyes on your dog and his toys, check if holes or anything is coming out. And the material toys are made of is important because they’re directly in your dog’s mouth.

You should introduce new squeaky toys to your dogs, this is to make sure whether your dog is OK with squeaky sounds or not. In the meantime, you see if the toys got any defects.

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