Why Do Cats Knock Over Their Drinking Bowls?

Why Do Cats Knock Over Their Drinking Bowls?

Your cat is meowing, next to her is a pool of water and a tipped over bowl. That's probably one of the scenes you'll encounter when arrived home. You feel helpless and have no idea why your felines frequently knock over their water bowls. Sometimes your cat want the owner's attention, but sometimes may not. Check out the reasons behind this messy drinking habits.

Reasons: Why Cats Knock Over the Bowl?

Cats intake water multiple times within a day, reasons for knocking over may differ:

#1. Bowl is not suitable

The bowl's shape and size matters, as the narrow bowl create irritation for the cat because the water touches the whiskers. It creates a sensation due to the highly sensitive nerve endings that they do not like; so that you can pay attention and change their bowl with the appropriate one. 

#2. Water is not flowing

Some cats do not drink the stagnant water, so they paw at the bowl to drink the moving water. Because when they paw, they think that the water is running. 

#3. Insecure Behavior 

If you bring a new feline home, she may feel insecure due to the new environment and the owner. Thus, if your cat is new to the family, her frequent knocking over may be a result of stress and panic.

#4. Playful Nature

Cats are considered to be less active than dogs, but personality varies from cats to cats. Naughty cats love to entertain themselves. That's why they paw or push the things on the table to create a noise that makes them happy. 

#5. Inappropriate Place for the Bowl

You put the bowl in the wrong place where cats do not into is one of the triggers; make sure that you place the bowl in a proper place where they can easily sit and enjoy the drinking. 

Or the bowl is too high for cats to suck up the water, and uneven surface where the bowl sits can easily make the bowl knock over by your cat.

#6. Water is not safe

Water quality present in the bowl is the biggest requirement that cats ask for. Cats love to drink fresh pure water, so poor water quality can lead to your furry companion's "knocking actions" to express their refusal.

#7. Draw your attention

When cats are in hunger, and you are busy with something, they may push the bowls to remind you that it is time to feed them. 

#8. Health Issues 

Disease like diabetes, thyroid problem, or kidney failure decrease the cat's interest in the water, so go to the vet for a proper checkup. 

Cats would accidentally hit their water bowl when they have troubles with their eyes. If this concern comes up to your mind, please consult your vet as soon as possible.

Solutions: How to Stop Cat from Tipping Over Water Bowls?

There is a solution to every issue, and just by noticing the cat's behavior, you can improve your pet's habit and stop him from spilling the water bowl and other such annoying activities. So here are some solutions. Read ahead to explore them: 

#1. Replace clean water 

Mostly the cats prefer to drink clean water; some like to avoid the chlorine water and prefer to drink from an open natural source, so you have to be clear about the preference and make sure the water in the bowl is clean and if periodic cleaning is required, then do it as it is also beneficial for the cat's health. And if you are a busy person and do not find time for this small job, then give a chance to smart cat water gadgets.

#2. Try wide firm bowls

Water bowl shape and size play a significant role, as the cats prefer to drink fresh water without having any whisker fatigue. Choose a sturdy bowl or bowls with anti-slip designs, a bowl which weighs a bit is harder for cats to knock over.

Wide open access of the bowl allows cats to enjoy drinkings with no stresses to their whiskers.

#3. Give your attention

Give your felines adequate focus, so to make them feel cared and loved. 

#4. Use cat water fountains

If you want to add an appealing appliance for your cats at home, then a water fountain will prove to a fun. In general, smart pet water fountains are able to provide cats with flowing water for all-day long. Running water 24/7 to entice cats to drink more, what's more, to make them assured that the water in fountain taste fresh and clean.

Keep An Eye On Your Furry Friend

Cats knock over bowls from time to time, so it's not a big deal if they're occasional, and you can get you and your cats a practical water bowl. However, if the knocking over attached with abnormal signs, then take actions to solve the problem. Also, be patient.

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