Why Do Cats Knock Over Their Drinking Bowls?

Why Do Cats Knock Over Their Drinking Bowls?

Pets are very dear to the owner, and every owner wants the best for their cute pet. Mostly the pets that people want to own are cats and dogs. But you should be very clear about their routine and their lifestyle. You should notice what they want and what they do not like to happen around them. Moreover, the owner must know how to care for the pet by keeping it clean and germ-free.

There are some cute activities that the pets used to do, but it is also a fact that they do some annoying activities, especially the cats when they drink water from the bowl because these are playful, but you can see that they feel guilt later on in their act. Sometimes a pet may want the owner's attention. But it is also true that there is a solution to every problem.

So keep reading down the article to know more about why the cats knock over their bowl and what can you do to avoid this inconvenience!

Reasons: Why Cats Knock Over the Bowl?

The cats are the most joyful pets, and they like to do many cute acts, but sometimes you have to check their activities. Some activities of the cat drinking the water are: they paw at their bowl, they want to touch their water before drinking, cats try to push things on the table no matter the water bowl or another precious thing, and they like to knock over their drinking bowls. The reason why they do such activities is explained down in the article. Scroll to read ahead!

#1. The Shape of the Bowl

The bowl shape and size matters as the narrow bowl create irritation for the cat because the water touches the whiskers. It creates a sensation due to the highly sensitive nerve endings that they do not like; so that you can pay attention and change their bowl with the appropriate one. 

#2. Running Water 

Some cats do not drink the stagnant water, so they paw at the bowl to drink the moving water. Because when they paw, they think that the water is running. 

#3. Eyesight Issue 

The cat might have an eyesight problem, so you have to go to the vet for consultation.

#4. Insecure Behavior 

If you bring a new pet, he may feel insecure due to the new environment and the owner. It increases the stress and anxiety in the cat due to the separation from the previous home, and he tries to go back.

#5. Playful Behavior 

The cats like to play; that's why they paw or push the things on the table to create a noise that makes them happy. 

#6. Inappropriate Place for the Bowl

Sometimes you put the bowl in the wrong place; make sure that you place the bowl in a proper place where they can easily sit and enjoy the drinking. 

#7. Unclean Water 

You must take notice of the water present in the bowl because the pet cats do not drink the contaminant water, so clean after regular intervals.

#8. Try to Suck up the Water  

When a cat knocks over the bowl, the reason may be that he wants to suck up the water, and you have placed it on some height; that's why the bowl is knocked over while trying to drink.

#9. Time to Eat

If your cat is hungry, and you are busy working or sleeping, they push the things on the table to remind you that it is time to feed them. 

#10. Health Issues 

Sometimes, health issues like diabetes, thyroid problem, or kidney failure decrease the cat's interest in the water, so go to the vet for a proper checkup. 

Solutions: How to Stop Cat from Spilling Water Bowl?

There is a solution to every problem, and just by noticing the cat's behavior, you can improve your pet's habit and stop him from spilling the water bowl and other such annoying activities. So here are some solutions. Read ahead to explore them: 

#1. Replace Clean Water 

Mostly the cats prefer to drink clean water; some like to avoid the chlorine water and prefer to drink from an open natural source, so you have to be clear about the preference and make sure the water in the bowl is clean and if periodic cleaning is required, then do it as it is also beneficial for the cat's health. And if you are a busy person and do not find time for this small job, then hire a person from your family to do this service so that the cat does not spill the drinking water bowl. 

#2. Use Stronger Water Bowls 

Water bowl shape and size play a significant role as the cats prefer to drink water from the wider bowl to meet their behavior. The same is the case with the material of the bowl. If you are using a low quality plastic bowl or a ceramic or metallic bowl, you see the cat is avoiding the water, and if you forcefully convince your cat to drink water from that bowl, he will spill it. And mostly, the material is such a third class quality that even a single paw will result in damage. 

#3. Observe Your Cat's Behavior 

No matter what pet you are going to own, a complete study of their behavior is required so that you can avoid any inconvenience in the future. Similarly, the cats show some natural behaviors, so they deal with them accordingly. 

#4. Automatic Water Fountain For Cats 

If you want to add an appealing appliance for your pet at home, then a water fountain will prove to a fun. The water fountain from Laikapet.com has some great features:

  • It has UV light and quadruple filtration technology that saves the water from the unhygienic growth of bacteria. 
  • It has a large capacity for water as it is different for different companies. Laika aqua pet fountain can contain almost 2.7 liters. 
  • It has an indicator that will turn red in the case of a water shortage. 
  • The cleaning process is easy; you do not have to disassemble the parts; only the water is required for perfect cleaning. 
  • It has excellent depth to retain water so that you can place it anywhere you want, even in your bedroom. 

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Words for you

Cats as pets are cute enough to own, and they are sensitive to dealing with their owner's directions. But being an animal, they used to do some activities due to their behavioral changes, so the owner must take notice of all especially when they knock over their water bowl because it makes your house dirty and your pet filthy for this purpose you can take measures from the upper illustrated solutions. Have fun with your pet!

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