Do Cats Need a Water Fountain? | Laika Pets

Do Cats Need a Water Fountain? | Laika Pets

Do you know cats need a constant water source, but unfortunately, they’re not quite a water drinking lover ? So, being a pet owner, how can you help your feline friend to overcome this issue? A cat drinking fountain is the best solution. Do you know the health benefits of a water fountain for cats? You might know less about it, but you need it for your kitten. 

5 Reasons Why Cats Need a Cat Water Fountain

As mentioned earlier, there are many health benefits of a cat drinking fountain, but the most important reasons for having it for your cat are given below:

  • Ancestral Gene

Cats are picky about their water, and they take this trait from their ancestors. Unfortunately, they pass this trait to their descendants as well. From their instincts, cats consider that moving water is a  safe source to drink than still water. And flowing water is much fresher compared to dead water. So, your cat's picky drinking habits happens for a reason.

  • Water from Food Isn’t Enough

Besides drinking, cats also take in water through their wet food. Wild cats get the most wet food water from their prey, while the wet food our cats have may fail to meet the standard water amount of a cat. Therefore, providing extra drinking water matters so much for your cat's water take in. 

  • Running Water

Do you know running water is much appealing to cats than still water?  Still or stagnant water is likely to be contaminated, while running water that constantly being filtered is a lot fresher. Therefore, domestic cats like to drink running water.

Having a cat water fountain allows your cat to drink fresh running water, and your feline friend can enjoy crisp water every time.

  • Drinking Water from an Unsecure Water Source Isn’t Safe

When you don’t provide your kitten with a good water source, they drink from wherever they want. They don’t care whether it’s safe for them or not. Some insecure water sources are toilet taps, which cats love to drink water from. As a result, they may suffer from many health issues for drinking dirty water. So, you can avoid your kitten from that by providing a cat drinking fountain. It will ensure your cat drinks water from a source that is reliable and safe.

  • Dehydration Can Lead to Various Diseases

When kittens don’t get the required water, it leads to dehydration. As a result, they suffer from various health problems. Urine gets concentrated, and it leads to diseases related to the urinary system. The backflow of urine from the bladder to the kidney can cause kidney damage. Moreover, the damaged kidney can’t function well. As a result, organs get damaged and may cause a death for extreme cases.

Cat water fountain entices cats to drink more, helps them stay hydrated, also prevents your cats from the urinary tract and kidney diseases. 

Laika Pets Cat Water Drinking Fountain

After reading the reasons, you must have made your mind about purchasing a cat drinking fountain. But ensure that you try a water fountain which is:

  • Quiet

Noise can distract your kitten; therefore, when purchasing a water fountain, ensure that it’s quiet and don’t bother your feline friend.

  • Running Water Flow

Most water fountains are designed in such a way that they provide running water. As mentioned earlier, running water is enticing for cats, and they can drink fresh and cold water. More importantly, constant running water inhibits the growth of bacteria.

  • Easy to Clean

Another important to look for when shopping for a water fountain for cats. If the fountain takes much time and effort to clean, it may slow down your frequency to clean and cause you so much inconvenience.

  • Sterilization Function

It’s the extension of the above feature. The fountain must have a sterilization function so that it can constantly filter the running water, and then offer fresh, clean water for a long term.

  • Reasonable Price

It’s essential to look at all the above features, but you can’t ignore the cost. Choosing the wrong fountain will put a massive burden on your pocket. So, ensure that you get the best one according to your budget.

Cat drinking fountains are the latest addition to pet supplies. But keeping the benefits in mind, having a cat drinking fountain can be a real pet parents' life-changing decision, which also does good to our feline friends’ health.
Given the choice of providing cats with bowls or pet fountains, I’d love to choose the latter, only for the guaranteed resource of fresh water. That’s all pet parents want.

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