Why Cat Need A Drinking Fountain?

Why Cat Need A Drinking Fountain?

Do you know cats need a constant water source, but unfortunately, they’re not good at drinking water? So, being a pet owner, how can you help your feline friend to overcome this issue? A cat drinking fountain is the best solution. Do you know the health benefits of a water fountain for cats? It might sound like a luxury, but you need it for your kitten. So, don’t go anyways because here we’ll share why you need to buy a cat drinking fountain for your kitten.

5 Reasons Why Cats a Cat Water Fountain

As mentioned earlier, there are many health benefits of a cat drinking fountain, but the most important reasons for purchasing it for your cat are given below:

  • Ancestral Gene

Cats are picky about their water, and they take this trait from their ancestors. Unfortunately, they pass this trait to their descendants as well. It can lead to many health problems like urinary tract and kidney damage. So, if you don’t want your kitten to pass this problem to its descendants, then arrange a water fountain for your cat.

  • Water from Food Isn’t Enough

Cats don’t drink much water, and therefore they like the moisture they need. Indoor cats need plenty of water because they can’t catch mice or other prey. On the other hand, wild cats get the most moisture from their prey. Moreover, the food we provide to cats doesn’t fulfill their moisture needs. Therefore, you need to provide your kitten with a drinking fountain. There are many types of pet fountains, such as Aqua Pet Water Fountain.

  • Running Water

Do you know running water is safer than stagnant water? Cats that drink from running water sources live longer than those who drink from still water. Still or stagnant water is contaminated and not safe for pets. On the other hand, running water is safe and fresh. Therefore, domestic cats like to drink running water.

You need to purchase a cat drinking fountain to ensure that your cat drinks fresh running water. Moreover, there will be no open reservoir that will eliminate the chances of bacteria accumulation, and your feline friend will enjoy crisp water every time.

  • Drinking Water from an Unsecure Water Source Isn’t Safe

When you don’t provide your kitten with a good water source, they drink from wherever they want. They don’t care whether it’s safe for them or not. Some insecure water sources are toilet taps, and cats always drink water from them. As a result, they suffer from many health issues. So, you can avoid your kitten from health issues by providing a cat drinking fountain. It will ensure that your cat drinks water from a source that is reliable and safe.

  • Dehydration Can Lead to Various Diseases

When kittens don’t get the required moisture, it leads to dehydration. As a result, they suffer from various health problems. Urine gets concentrated, and it leads to diseases related to the urinary system. The backflow of urine from the bladder to the kidney can cause kidney damage. Moreover, the damaged kidney can’t filter the waster products. As a result, organs get damaged and result in death. But you can help your kitten to live long by providing a water fountain.

The fountain entices cats to drink more, and they remain hydrated. If your cats are getting wet food, they get their 80% moisture from it. On the other hand, cats that eat dry food need to drink plenty of water to fulfill the water needs in the body. Moreover, a water fountain prevents your cats from the urinary tract and kidney diseases. 

Try a Cat Water Fountain

After reading the reasons, you must have made your mind about purchasing a cat drinking fountain. But ensure that you try a water fountain which is:

  • Quiet

Noise can distract your kitten; therefore, when purchasing a water fountain, ensure that it’s quiet and don’t bother your feline friend.

  • Running Water Flow

Most water fountains are designed in such a way that they provide running water. As mentioned earlier, running water is enticing for cats, and they can drink fresh and cold water. More importantly, constant running water inhibits the growth of bacteria.

  • Easy to Clean

It’s the most important thing to look for when purchasing a water fountain for cats. If the fountain is difficult to clean, it will accumulate bacteria, which can be dangerous for cats.

  • Sterilization Function

It’s the extension of the above feature. The fountain must have a sterilization function so that it remains safe for cats. Otherwise, it can lead to the formation of algae that can be harmful to kittens.

  • Reasonable Price

It’s essential to look at all the above features, but you can’t ignore the price. Choosing the wrong fountain will put a massive burden on your pocket. So, ensure that you purchase the best one according to your budget.

Cat drinking fountains are the latest addition to pet supplies. But keeping the benefits in mind, having a cat drinking fountain can be a real pet parents' life-changing decision, which also does good to our feline friends’ health.

Drinking from bowls or pet fountains, I’d love to choose the later, only for the guaranteed resource of fresh water. That’s all pet parents want.

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