Why Are Pet Water Fountains So Important For Pets?

Why Are Pet Water Fountains So Important For Pets?

60% of the human body is water, and the water in our pets is about 50%-70%. So, most animal experts agree that pets should be given the same quality water as humans. While the water in pet food only accounts for around 10%, if they do not drink an extra amount of guaranteed clean water, it may lead to various diseases, like bladder issues, urinary diseases, and kidney diseases. However, our pets, especially cats, don’t feel the thirst to drink water often. Thus, always getting water prepared seems a must for us pet people. Then, how will it be when we go out?

High-tech society brings goods even to the pet industry. Now, we get pet water fountains, a popular option for pet people. I bet I’m not the only one being curious about what is it and why is it important for pets.

Literally, it’s a water fountain but specially designed for our pets. The excellent features provide convenience for owners, and those great functions make it important for our furry families.

Ease of Use

  The Pet water fountain is easy to use. With the unique design, it can be easily set up, refilled, and cleaned. What’s more, a large water capacity not only saves time but also ensures your pets’ enough drinking, instead of frequent refilling or water lacking. So, pets will not be dehydrated when their owner goes out for a long time.

Low noise

  When it comes to pet caring, sound may be a major factor to consider due to pets’ sensitive hearing. The newly upgraded pet water fountain greatly lowers the operating noise level. No worry about annoying pets or your daily life.

Filtration system

  Most of the pet water fountains are featured with filtration system to filter the hair debris dust and other dirt. Allowing pets to drink cleaner water rather than water in the bowl that can be easily polluted. Cleaner for pets to drink than tap water.  


Laika Pet Water Fountain really does what it says on the can

  • Featured separated case and water tank, super easy for removing the tank and refilling water. No dead corners, no need for any tools for cleaning
  • 91oz/2.7L water capacity allows your pets to drink for a long time
  • Lower than 29DB, sleepy-level and gentle operation
  • Quadruple filtration (double cotton layers, coconut shell activated carbon, and an ion exchange resin)
  • UV germicidal light prevents bacteria from growing while constantly filtering the water
  • Having 2 modes for your various needs, circulation mode helps prevent bacteria growth, keeping the water clean; Eco mode is energy-saving.
  • Pump will automatically turn off when the fountain runs dry without burning out the motor, which is power-saving.
  • Intelligent indicator lights, the lights turn red for reminding you of changing the filter and adding water

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