Which Pet Water Fountain Is Best?

Which Pet Water Fountain Is Best?

The one which meets most of your needs is the best.

Pet water fountain from all brands have their highlight design(s), or most of them share same features, so the one fit your family most is your best pet water fountain.

So, instead of telling you which one, we are here to offer you the introduction of the best standard of your wanted qualities.


What are your requirements?

To pick up the best water fountain, you need to figure out what’s your needs. 

Are you more focus on its function or appearance? Any preference? Large? Quiet? Professional?

How many pets do you have? How about their size? Their drinking habits?

Once you’ve got your answer ready, it’s time to have your best pet water fountain that meets your needs rather than getting one that may upset you and your fur companion.

You’ve figured out what you want. But you do not immediately get a pet water fountain that pops up first. Make a comparison. Remember the rule - good things take time. 

Now, what’s the best qualities for the best pet water fountain.



Professional Pump

Sound: Pet water fountains are electronics with pumps, it makes sounds. According to WHO, average night exposure should not exceed 40 decibels(dB), so pet water fountains whose sounds lower than 40dB is best.

Automatic: Premium pumps need to carry excellent functions more than one. Some may want a pet water fountain to water pets while they’re out. If the water runs out when operating, dangers appear. So, a pet water fountain that can automatically turn off the power when it comes to water shortage weighs.

Aqua pet water fountain’s pump slays.

29dB, Sleep Level! Water shortage? Off the power! 


Water Tank

Easy to Clean: Do not get one that is too unique. Choose a simple and easy one. A water tank with no dead corners, flat smooth surface means less work to maintain daily, and means best.

Large Capacity: A pet water fountain that can’t hold a large capacity of water fails. A big tank can feed more pets; can drink for a long time; can reduce refilling work, and so on. A pet water fountain which is enough for at least a week can be called the best.

Aqua Pet Water Fountain’s tank is what it is.

Large tank & Smooth tank


Water Safety

Anti-bacteria: Water in the pet water fountain is still tap water, plus long time water circulation, the tank inside may be a perfect world for bacteria. Then extra germ-killing function matters – the biggest reason to have a water fountain. 

Filtration System: Most pet water fountains are equipped with filters to remove fur, dust, and other small particles. Here is the point, how many are the layers of filters, and what can each layer filter. Filters can do both filter and water soften works are best.

The best pet water fountain can’t miss out on these qualities,

LAIKA Aqua is here to prove.

UV germicidal light, 99.9% bactericidal rate! Quadruple filtration,4 layers! Safe water.



Safety Protection

Electrical: Pets do not know what’s electricity and how dangerous it is. Thus, look for a pet water fountain that has a special design on electrical parts or seems to be sturdy.

Stable: Pets love to climb and claw especially when new things are brought to the home. Everything light or easy to tip-over need to be reconsidered. Find you and your four-legged friends a firmly stable pet water fountain.

Aqua can do both. Anti-slip strip and Anti-bite wire.


Intelligent Features

Indicator lights: Essential indicators enable you a comfortable user experience and help you to handle the replacement and refilling much easy.

For different needs: Pets do not drink or stay at home all the time, and sometimes the constant water circulation seems unnecessary. An intelligent pet water fountain that allows you to change operation mode, win the game! Energy-saving design is nothing bad, but benefits your home and environment.

Thus, LAIKA Aqua Pet Water Fountain is an intelligent treasure, deserves your love.



Pet water fountains are not electronics that waste money, but a must-have for pet families. The best pet water fountain never let you down as long as you know how to pick up the best upon your wanted qualities.



Get one for your fur babe!

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