What Are The Things I Should Consider When Buying Dog Toys?

What Are The Things I Should Consider When Buying Dog Toys?

Dogs are relatively active animals who love to play. From baby to adult, like humans, pups have much desire towards toys. Indeed, playing with toys is a great way to prevent your puppies from being bored and keep them feeling happy and fulfilled. So, dog toys are a must-have.

Among all kinds of dog toys, dog balls are the most common and fun dog toys for fetch plays and chews, and we do buy them often for our pups. But some pet parents, especially those who are new to pet parenting, may come to this challenging questions.

What are the things You should consider when buying dog balls?

Answer for that:

You need to consider the Material, Durability, Color & Size, or other Attractive Designs.

Material – safe, durable, soft

Dog balls will come into your dogs’ mouths, take it seriously.

What are they made of?

Choose chemical-free, non-toxic. Some dogs are aggressive chewers, things worn out from dog balls may be directly swollen, such as color painting or part of dog balls. If the material is not guaranteed, it may cause negative effects on your pups’ well-being.

Are they durable?

Dog balls should be durable. That means long-lasting. You don’t want to see your pups feel sad when their favorite dog balls “died” just after a few plays. At least, they can live for a while.

Are they soft?

Dog chew balls should be soft on the mouth. Here “soft” does not mean fragile, it means soft but elastic, not hard and or firm to touch. Firm dog balls may be too hard to chew on, making the play more like sufferings rather than relieves.

Colors & Size – dogs can see and chew

Dog's vision is a lot more different from us, take color and size into account


Choose dog balls that your pup can distinguish. Dogs can see color, but the colors they perceive are not as rich or as many as humans can see. Dogs can see the colors we identify as blue, yellow, and some shades of gray. And colors such as red or green will be perceived as a shade of gray. We all like our pups to enjoy colorful plays, and bright colors which dogs are able to see can draw their attention while training or game plays. So, pick dog balls with the right color.


Small for small. Dogs have different breeds, so do balls. Small pups are too small to chew the big balls; small balls could be a choking hazard to large dogs. Measure your pups’ mouth size, and then decide what size of dog balls is just right for your dogs.


Attractive Designs – squeaky, cute, smooth

Dog balls with extra designs can bring your dogs the best dog chew balls ever.


Dogs love squeaky dog balls. It’s because of their instinctual drive. Squeaky sounds from dog balls definitely can arouse your pooches' interests, and encourage them to chew and play.


Fun styles make it more fun. It is another way to bring your furry four-legged friends to enjoy amazing playtime. That’s exactly what dog toys are supposed to do.


Smooth but uneven. Dog toys, especially dog balls, work great when your boys or girls teething. Based on dog experts, chewing balls help move both plaque and tartar from your dog’s mouth. So, dog balls with unevenness benefit the dog’s dental hygiene.



Dog toys, dog balls, or other stuff which dogs like, are bought for our pups’ happiness. We want our furry companion to enjoy the best we can offer, meanwhile, they can play safe, release anxiety and feel happy.

Get your furry babies the best, and have fun and bond.


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