Tips of Buying a Cat Water Fountain Filter

Tips of Buying a Cat Water Fountain Filter

Cat Water Fountain Filter Instructions

Features of the Cat Water Fountain Filter

  • It is powered with Quadruple filtration system. It helps in the removal of lead, cyst and chemicals.
  • Each of the filters consists of double cotton layers. The two cotton layers help in the filtration of dirty particles through it.
  • It is composed of coconut shell activated carbon. The coconut shell activated carbon helps in trapping the harmful particles.
  • It comes with an ion exchange resin which makes it cleaner by filtering the hair debris. The resins are useful for removing the hardness of water.
  • It has a strip filter which is also compatible with Laika Aqua Pet Water Fountain. The strip filter is an ideal equipment for the purification of water.
  • It emits a low amount of noise.
  • It has an anti-electric design which helps your pets to drink water in a safe manner.

 The Box Consists of: 

  • It consists of three filters
  • Each of those filters has a separate housing
  • Each of filters are individually packed and sealed

Laika Pets Fountain Box Consistion

Instructions for Using Cat Water Fountain Filter

We have listed some instructions that you must follow while you are using the Cat Water Fountain Filter. You can follow the instruction that is being given in the next paragraph.

  • For preventing the activated carbon’s dust from shedding into the water, you can soak the filter in the water and rinse it twice and precisely under the effect of running water.

Pros of using Cat Water Fountain Filter

There are various advantages of using this replacement filter. What are they? Let us look into them in detail.

  • It is powered with a water level window which helps you in checking the level of water that is still remaining.
  • It has a non-slip design which helps in keeping the machine where it is situated.
  • It has a water capacity that is greater than 2.7L.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It has very good packaging.

Pros of using Cat Water Fountain

How often Should I Change the Filter in My Cat's Water Fountain?

Before you are all set to buy the cat water fountain you must take into cognizance some minor details that are related to the filter of your cat’s water fountain. Here the question arises: how often do you need to change the filter in your cat’s water fountain? The answer to your question is that you must change the filter of your cat’s water fountain once every two to four weeks.

However, you must also take into consideration another factor while you are changing the filter in your cat’s water fountain. Come, let us look into some of them in a very precise manner.

  • You need to look into the possibility of more than one pet using the water of the water fountain that is meant for cats. If more than one pet it using it, it augments the saliva content and the debris in the water which definitely calls for a more frequent change of the filter of the water fountain of your cats.

Other Shopping Tips for Buying a Cat Water Fountain

We are here to provide you with some of the best shopping tips that are in relation to buying a cat water fountain. What are they? Let us look at them in minute details.

  • For buying a cat water fountain you must test the quality of the fountain first. You need to look into certain factors. Come, let us have a quick look at them.
    1. Does the quality of the water change when the cat water fountain is low on water?
    2. Is there a timer setting present over there?
    3. Does it make some sort of loud noise when the water level is too low?
  • Before buying a cat water fountain, you need to train your cat about the process of using the machine or else everything else would go in vain.
    1. You must move in a slow but steady manner.
    2. After buying the cat water fountain, you must give your cat a chance to sniff it when you bring the machine home.
    3. After that, do add water. Do now add the water fountain as of now, which would give a chance to your cat to examine the machine.
    4. After your cat gets used to the machine, run the fountain.
    5. Be aware of your cat’s behavior after you run the fountain.
  • The appropriate height of the cat water fountain can help to reduce the burden on cats.
  • It must provide enough space for the cat whiskers to stretch.
  • It must have a circulating water purifier which is easy to clean.

Attributes of Laika Cat Water Fountain

In a nutshell, let us provide you with the attributes of the Laika cat water Fountain, which would be a quick recapitulation of the attributes. Let us look at what they are.

  • It has coconut shell activated carbon
  • It is powered with ion exchange resin
  • It also has a double layer of PP cotton
Attributes of Laika Cat Water Fountain Filter

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