The Ultimate Guide - Choose The Best Water Fountain

The Ultimate Guide - Choose The Best Water Fountain

Being cat lovers, we all want to see our cats happy and healthy, and keeping them hydrated plays a crucial role in doing so. But do you know many cats often don't like to drink from regular water bowls? They think drinking standing is unsafe and unhealthy. And if your cat is one of them, don't worry, the best way to cope with this is by buying a cat water fountain.

But What exactly is a cat water fountain? And are water fountains good for cats- Well, A cat water fountain is a water-containing bowel with a water pump to make a delightful humming waterfall. Cats find it an attractive freshwater source; it encourages them to drink more water, which ultimately keeps them hydrated, prevent kidney disease and urinary infection.

Type Of Cat Water Fountain

  • Stainless steel cat water fountain

These are the simplest cat water fountains with two or three pieces, highly hygienic, easy to clean and use. They contain no specific sensors to detect the low water level or to remind about the filter efficiency. Veterinarians usually recommend this for multiple pet households.

  • Automatic cat water fountain

These are more advanced versions of cat fountains, contain specialized sensors that detect low water levels, multiple spouts and modes for the waterfalls, auto power off-pump stump, and shows filter efficiency. The usage of plastic is a bit disadvantageous, but recently some companies have started making it out of BPA-free material.

  • Ceramic pet fountain

These fountains are at least two ceramic pots, a smaller one on top of the bigger one. The water pump pushes the water from the centric hole. They're fancier and outdoorish.

Features of Best Cat Water Fountain

With the availability of different designs, sizes, and colors, choosing the best water fountain for your cat may sound like a daunting task, but no worries, we've got your back. After doing immense research on different models and studying spec sheets and reviews, we've set up the following facts for the best fountain for cats,

  • The Easiness to Clean

Assembling, dissembling, then again assembling can be a frustrating job, so we've listed only those which have minimum parts, are easily disassemble and rinse with water.

  • Capacity to Store Water

We've chosen fountains which have a large storage capacity for water. You won't have to refill their reservoirs again and again.

  • The Ability of A Cat Fountain Filter

Most of our choices have multiple filters to ensure the hygiene of water. For which the filters are easily removable and changeable.

  • Minimum Sound Production

Cats bring happiness and peace to our lives, but what if the cat fountains are too noisy; They'll disturb our sleep and lives, knowing that the chosen fountains are the ones that produce minimum sound.

  • Shape and Size

Some cats are short, some tall, and we all don't want to dull the decorum. So these fountains are for every cat, and they will look like a decor piece in your house.

  • Material and Cost

The average price of each fountain is $40 to $45, however stainless steel cost more. For ensuring a healthy environment, these fountains are either steel made or BPA-free.


It is necessary to remember you can’t disqualify a fountain based on a single negative review.

Using these criteria, we've listed the five best cat water fountains below.

  • Laika Aqua Pet Water Fountain

The reason we placed this on top of our list is its ultra-quiet and professional water pump. It operates below 29DB, making it usable even in a bedroom.

Its smooth water tank is easily removable due to its separated case and integrated water pump, making it easy to clean. Scrub it with water, and it looks like new.

With a large storage capacity of 2.7, it is a great water fountain for the long term. Its circulation mode prevents bacterial growth, and with wondrous sensors, it turns off automatically when the water level is too low; or the cat fountain filter needs to be changed.

  • Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

This cat fountain by Drinkwell is the perfect choice for multiple pet households. It has a 3.8L storage capacity, a ramp to reduce the sound of water falling. The versatility of this fountain enables up to 5 free-falling water streams with adjustable water flow.

Due to its replaceable carbon filters, foam filters and stainless steel, it resists bacteria, catches pet hairs and debris. This cat Fountain also uses a charcoal cat fountain filter, which removes bad taste and odour. Its simple design makes it easy to clean; simply disassemble the pump and wash the fountain.

  • Catit Flower Fountain

This Cat fountain is the low voltage pump fountain with a compact and ergonomic design, made up of BPA- free materials. It also has a super cute flower in its center.

It's a simple, quiet cat fountain that can hold up to 3L of water, enough that you'll need to refill it only once or twice a week. It allows three different water flow settings; gentle water flows, bubbling top and calm streams. These features contribute to maximum oxygenation and taste.

With unique designed triple action cat fountain filters, the water stays fresh and healthy. Cotton mesh filters out debris, active carbon remove odour and impurities, and iron exchange resin softens tap water.

The smaller number of parts and easy disassembling makes cleaning very easy, and it only noises when the water level is extremely low.

  • Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Fountain

This stainless fountain is just two pieces of steel, which makes it the most super Hygienic cat fountain. This simple construction allows this fountain easy to clean and easy to use.

The 18/8 steel prevents bacterial infection, and replaceable charcoal filters ensure the freshness of water. The natural raindrop and circulating water naturally appeal to cats, and they drink more in this way.

Its storage capacity is relatively small but high enough to reduce the number of daily refills. Its modern shape makes it the perfect decor for your room or even for the kitchen.

  • Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain

This Petlibro is probably the quietest cat fountain ever. Patented valve with noise insulated tubing silences the noise from the source. The usage of silicon conduit technology ensures that water flows silently and smoothly back in its 2.1L tank.

Petlibiro designed the fountain's water flow in a natural spring way, which grabs your pet attention and encourage them to drink more. Plus, its height is also adjustable, making it suitable for all sizes of cats.

The sleek, rounded corner shape makes it easy to clean and prevent mold in the reservoir. The transparent tank quickly spots the low water level, and the concealed circuit ensures the safety of pets and the durability of the fountain.

Pets have to stay hydrated, so to avoid unnecessary diseases. The pet water fountain can really do the job – entice and encourage pets to drink fresh water and drink more. Pet water fountains have been well-designed and user-friendly, so no need to worry about the chaos it may cause. Pick the one that meet your needs most, then enjoy the convenience it brings to you.

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