The Fountain Keep Pets Healthy and Hydrated

Laika Pets Fountain Keep Pets Healthy and Hydrated

Why do vets recommend cat drinking fountains?

Cats are not such a good pet at drinking water, and if you are concern that your cat isn’t drinking enough water, your concern is valid. The most important consideration is understanding that our cats should drink adequate water to prevent clinical and subclinical dehydration. According to expert vets, Proper hydration is essential for our cats. It helps to enhance nutrient absorption, upgrade digestion, and even help in flushing out toxins and bacteria due to dehydration. Also, If the cats are not receiving enough water, there are great chances of getting a urinary tract infection and many other serious diseases. Cat water fountain fulfills these criteria of hydration. Moreover, cats have a natural likeness to running water. 

It is also proved that circulating water can prevent many bacteria and other fungi from building up, so to keep your pet healthy, it is important to provide them with fresh, moving water. Due to these and many other reasons, vets recommend a cat drinking fountain. It is said by vets that: Providing cats with a fresh, moving water source just like providing them with a water fountain aids in helping to ensure they’re obtaining their proper water intake. 

Provide pure water for your cat:

Yes, it may seem like a fancy luxury show that isn’t that much important, but the fact is undeniable that keeping your cat hydrated is one of the most vital factors. A constant freshwater supply is essential and a healthier, safer, and more practical option to keep it hydrated. For such concerns, a cat water fountain is one of the best options, and icing on the top is when cat water fountain also offers features like filtration as we know distilled water is acidic and can cause kidney and urinary tract problems, stones, or infections.

It is observed that stray cats usually get their hydration quotient from the prey they catch, like mice, etc., but the indoor cat's can't catch much prey and live on cat food usually; thus, for them, it is necessary to drink a lot of water and freshwater significantly. Thus, a cat water fountain aid entices cats to drink purer water and of good quality.

When choosing a drinking fountain, several aspects must be considered:

Hence, we know that a cat water fountain is essential and healthy for our cats, although choosing with many varieties can be overwhelming. There are some of the features that you should look for while choosing your fountain. So let's explore!

  • Is it safe and can be the best for water and electricity separation?

These water fountains work with the help of electricity supply, and thus, most owners are suspicious of the safety of their pets. Laika cat water fountain has the specialty of keeping the water and electricity separated to protect from any possible damage. Moreover, it provides auto power-off protection that helps cut off the power from batteries and motors, thus keeping the safety measures under control. 

  • More quiet is better: 

Cats mostly show distress on sudden noises or disturbing sounds. Due to this reason, many cat water fountains are available in the market, offering a quiet system, but this isn’t always the case. Their motors always produce vibrating sounds that cause disturbance in the surroundings and for the cats. Laika ultra quite a cat water fountain is exceptional in this regard. Their water fountain pump is also known as sleep level ultra-quiet pet fountain since the pump is during the whole operation is lower than 29DB. Due to this exceptional quality, you can use it even in bedrooms or in any place of your house. There are zero rates of worry about scaring your pet and or disturbance in daily routine with this fountain. 

  • Is it easy to clean?

For a human, it isn't easy to disassemble and clean any gadget weekly, as everyone has a strict routine to follow. A safe fountain with few small parts and simple construction is very important and preferable for such people. Laika cat water fountain is what we can suggest to you. This amazing fountain consists of a separate case with an integrated water pump. The surface is also very smooth, and zero services make it very easy to handle and a breeze when assembling. You have to refine it with water.

  • Is the filtering sufficient? 

The cat's water fountain usually has a small filter located in the motor, which serves all the cleaning purposes. This motor is made up of carbon which catches and cleans all the debris and impurities like hairs, dust, etc., in our homes. When we take a look at our cat's stagnant water cup, it is full of gunk. Right? This gunk can become the cause of several diseases for our cats. With a water fountain, your cat's water will stay much cleaner. Laika cat water fountain comprises a quadruple filtration system, which means it can filter four times stronger than the other fountains. The water pump is also launched with a mesh and a UV germicidal light to quadruple purifying filter cover to block hair debris and other dirt to ensure that your pets can drink the cleanest and most sanitary water. 

  • Will it be upset by a cat?
Inconsistent design of cat filter often makes it hard for you to keep it safe from your cat's claws. Moreover, most pet owners want a system according to their pet size, sometimes shorter for a short pet and sometimes taller for a tall pet. Laika cat's water fountain is of medium size, that it becomes easy for most cats to drink water and move it. Its design is reasonable that it won’t disturb the cat and thus help in protecting it from upsetting. It also solves the problem for the pet who has a mobility issue. With the ideal size and height, this cat water fountain also contains the ideal tank of 91oz/2.7L of water. This makes it an ideal fountain for pets of all sizes to drink from for a long time.

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