Safe Chew Toys for Dogs

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It’s heartbreaking to see our dearest fuzzy companions bored, so we try to occupy them with some toys, only to find out that they can’t withstand the chaotic energy that lies underneath that cute face.

If you’re wondering what toys might work best for your dog, which you should avoid, and what could be considered the best dog toy on the market, read on! 

Are Latex Toys Safe for Dogs?

Latex is not toxic to dogs, and toys made of latex are consistently made strong and with safe materials. While toxic substances like lead have shown up in previous tests several years ago, veterinarians noted that the amount of lead found in the toys only made up 0.5% - 1% of the entire product.

Even if your dog were to consume the entire toy somehow, there would not be enough toxins to hurt them. In fact, among all the options of dog toys in the industry, latex and rubber toys have consistently made veterinarian-recommended toy lists.

This is because they are durable at soft at the same time. Chews and toys that are too hard can really damage your poor dog’s teeth if they get too many of them, so when it comes to finding the perfect balance between a material’s give and durability, latex rubber is an obvious winner. In addition, since the tests in 2007, you can now find natural latex rubber dog toys that are lead and phthalate-free.

Are Nylabone Toys Safe for Dogs?

Similar to latex, you will find Nylabones on top toy lists, and deservedly so. Nylabones are exactly what they sound like, bone-shaped toys made of a softer material so as not to damage dog and puppy teeth. They also have the benefit of being able to add different textures to act as toothbrushes.

However, it should be noted that even the Nylabones pose risks. You have to be careful to know little Luna’s chewing habits to make sure you don’t pick a bone that is easy for them to destroy. It also needs to be large enough so that she doesn’t accidentally swallow the thing.

The durability of Nylabones can also actually be a con. If you pick the wrong bone your pup will either seriously hurt their teeth or tear up the bone into easily swallowable pieces.

As awesome as Nylabones are, the one way they can’t compare to latex toys is the fact that they aren’t natural. This has the potential of making Nylabones more dangerous if ingested. Natural latex toys have the benefit of being made from the sap of specific trees found in South America.

What Chew Toys Are Safe for Dogs

Natural latex rubber toys are the safest option for pets. Make sure the tags state they are BPA and phthalate free. If they say they’re made with natural latex, that’s even better.

What if your dog is easily bored? Then the best chew toys are the ones that encourage your braniac to work their problem-solving abilities. These could be puzzles or durable toys with specially designed cavities that allow you to put treats in there.

Squeaky sounded toys do bring more fun to dog’s play time, squeaker inside make sounds on every bite, can be considered a trustful companion, who gives constant reactions while for your canine’s chew plays.

Dog Chew Toys You Should Avoid

This partially depends on how active and how old your dog is. Puppies aren’t going to have quite the chewing strength that they’ll have a year or two later. Smaller breeds aren’t going to have the same destruction potential with their toys as much as larger breeds.

Puppies and small breeds can get away with smaller and softer chew toys, but all dogs need toys big enough that they’ll have no chance of swallowing them or getting them to reach their back most teeth, which is where all the power is that allows them to shred their toys the most effectively.

Then there’s the question of what kind of chewer your best friend is. Do they shred everything with ease, or are they a bit gentler? Gentle dogs can get away with stuffed animals, especially if they look at them more than companions than toys. Rope toys, whose fibers are so easily broken, are not typically encouraged, particularly if your dog is a devastating shredder.

Our Recommendation of Safe Dog Toys

So if all dog toys have inherent risks, which is the best? Well, the perfect dog toy needs to be soft enough that it won’t damage our furry friends’ teeth, durable enough to prevent pieces from being torn off for as long as possible, made from safe and non-toxic materials, is large enough to prevent accidental swallowing, and isn’t covered in a flavored film that gets everywhere.

Bringing all of these problems together, we are confident that one of the best dog toys comes from Laika. Specifically, their latex squeaky dog chewing ball. Why?

  1. They’re made with NATURAL latex, free from BPA and phthalate.
  2. Painted with bright colors that dogs can see, so they’ll be happy with a colorful play.
  3. The stretchy outer layer texture will clean your dog’s teeth from plaque without wearing them down. 
  4. The squeaker inside will attract your pup’s attention without the need for flavored coatings.
  5. They’re stupid cute! Guaranteed you’ve never seen a ball that is just the backside of prey animals for your ferocious predator.

Final Woof

So that’s our recommendation. I hope we gave you all the information you need to choose the safest toy. Whatever toy you pick, try to supervise your pup to get a better idea of what kind of toy they need.

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