Pet Poop and Plastic-Bag Bans

Pet Poop and Plastic-Bag Bans

Only in the US billions of plastic bags are used per day. These bags are usually used just once and are thrown in the garbage, never used again. These bags are not made of biodegradable material; they don't decompose over time and end up in the streets or waterways.

Recently, these bags have become an environmental hazard, and authorities in the US are keen to ban and replace them with better options that don't cause any harm to the environment and marine life.

The ban on plastic bags also means that pet waste is prohibited from being put in plastic bags to be thrown out with the trash.

“It has been found that plastic bags of pet waste account for 1% of plastic litter found on land and water surfaces of the United States.”

The ban on plastic bags containing pet waste was put in place because these bags could be blown away, carried by animals or people, and maybe end up in the ocean.

The plastic then breaks down into small pieces that fish and other sea animals ingest. These plastic particles have been found in increasing numbers inside marine animals such as whales.

Pet waste plastic bag bans are in place in several communities, including Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Fort Meyers Beach, Florida; San Jose, California; and the entire state of Hawaii.

Some plastic bag manufacturers like Laika are making Compostable Dog Poop Bags for pet waste to replace plastic bags. The new plastic is made with 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable material. Once this material is broken down, it will be absorbed back into the soil, causing no harm to the environment.

Why ban plastic bags?

The ban on the use of plastic bags is meant to reduce plastic bag litter. These bags have become very popular because of their convenience, but this has created a problem for the environment. Even the bags stamped with recycling codes usually do not get recycled; they end up in landfills or litter. This plastic debris can harm animals and the environment in the long run.

Which plastic bags are banned?

All plastic bags are banned when it comes to carrying pet waste. The larger plastic bags that are used in grocery stores are also not allowed.

What type of plastic bags will still be allowed?

Plastic bags used to carry wet items, like frozen foods, meats, and vegetables, will still be allowed. Paper bags can also be used when carrying pet waste.

What happens if plastic bags containing pet waste are found?

Residents who insist on using plastic bags containing pet waste will be fined (Depending on Local Laws). If you are still using these bags, a better solution is to start using biodegradable bags.

Are there other alternatives?

The ban on bags made with plastic encourages pet owners to carry their pet's waste in paper or cloth bags or store the used plastic bags and recycle them later.

Plastic poop cans with a lid and handles can also be purchased. These types of plastic containers can be easily rinsed and reused.

Since plastic bags are banned, there is an increase in biodegradable plastic bags to pick up pet waste. These plastic bags do not produce any plastic litter and can be easily flushed down the toilets.

Tips for Pet Parents

As a pet owner, if you are worried about the ban and looking for alternative options, the following tips could help:

  • Do not use plastic bags to pick up pet waste.
  • Use plastic cans, plastic bottles, and plastic milk jugs to store pet waste until you bring it out with the trash.
  • Put plastic bags and plastic film in recycling.
  • Do not burn plastic waste. This is harmful to the environment and your health.
Be green

We all need to actively participate in activities designed to keep our surroundings and environment neat and clean. The ban on plastic ban is an integral part of this campaign.

As a pet owner, make sure to cooperate and abide by the local laws of plastic bags and use alternatives such as Biodegradable and Compostable Dog Poop Bags introduced by Laika.

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