Pet Hydration | Why Are Cat Water Fountains Important?

Pet Hydration | Why Are Cat Water Fountains Important?

In summer, it's essential to make sure your pet stays hydrated. We all know how hot this season can be, but many people don't realize that pets are more susceptible to heat than humans. All of their body surface area (including ears) is exposed, and they do not have sweat glands as we do, so it's up to us as owners to keep them cool!

One way you can help keep your cat cool during these days is by providing lots of water. It doesn't matter if you're home or on a walk: always carry a bowl that will hold plenty of water for your furry friend, so they don't get dehydrated. This blog post will help you learn why it's crucial to maintain your cat hydration and how a cat water fountain can help you.

How much water does a cat need?

A cat's body is mostly constituted of water, so she needs to drink plenty of fluids. These can come from drinking just about anything: milk, water with some salt in it (especially for older cats), and wet food like canned tuna or salmon--the list goes on!

Generally, a cat needs to drink about 60ml of water per kilogram of body weight. So a cat of 3 to 4 kg needs about 180 to 240 ml of water per day. Cats are really fussy about their water. If you provide them with a dry diet, they need more of it because the food does not contain most of what they need to hydrate themselves properly; but if given wet foods or meats containing lots of gravy, then those will count towards how much liquid each dish provides for your kitty.

Dry food contains 10% water, whereas wet foods contain almost 80% water in them. Cats only eating dry food need more water. Dry foods are often too lightweight for them, and the nutrients in their diet can be lacking if it's not moist enough to eat at all hours of day or night. This is why it always recommends adding canned food with gravy into your pet's regular meal schedule as well.

Why is your cat not drinking well?

You might be wondering why your kitty is not drinking properly. The answer, sadly enough, could be due to their age or because of something else entirely (like illness), but there are some easy things that you should look for if your cat is not drinking well. Some common signs that your cats have some problems are:

  • Fewer trips to the water bowl
  • Drinking from other than specified areas
  • Change in appetite
  • Increase urination
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

How to get your cat to drink more water?

Many people ask a question about how to get my kitty to drink more water? How to maintain their hydration status. It may sound crazy because cats are such weirdoes who don't need any help but here goes nothing.  First off, let's establish how much moisture these little fur balls actually require per day- about 60ml/kg body weight. Then you need to understand where their lack of thirst comes from, as they can probably go days without drinking if necessary. If you get that answer, you need to do a few things to keep your kitty hydrated.

  • The amount of water your cat drinks should be maintained. This means that if you do not provide them with a fresh supply every few hours, they will surely dehydrate and die. A healthy feline can go two weeks without eating, but only about three days before showing signs of liver or kidney problems from stopping urination for too long at one time. So make sure there is always a fresh supply of drinking water available every time.
  • Place the water bowl near your cat's sleeping area to keep them hydrated and happy. If you want more than one cat, each individual pet needs to have a water bowl.
  • It is vital to provide your cat with water before and after any activity. Cats are like little sponges, so make sure they're hydrated by offering them some fresh drinks at regular intervals.
  • Water is a necessity for cats. Ensure to keep water available in both indoor and outdoor spaces, so your pet has access at all times.

Why are cat water fountains important?

Cats have been known to be very moody, and it's easy for them to become dehydrated. A cat water fountain serves not only as a means of hydration, but also helps with the prevention of kidney problems that often accompany dehydration in cats.

Similarly, cats prefer to drink running water because it's natural for them to drink from a running source. It is also easy for cats to search the running source of water because of their active senses. They rely more on their hearing capabilities to search for water rather than their visual senses.

Another point is that some cats drinking water directly from an open container held still for so long can lead to illness if one has bladder problems, which are common in older felines due to their age.

If you want to give your kitty the best cat water fountain, go for LAIKA Aqua Pet Water Fountain. The Laika pet water fountains for cats are now easier than ever. These devices will not only make sure that they stay hydrated, but also keep away unnecessary medical problems. In addition, these days, there's no need to spend hours daily cleaning multiples bowls when all of this can be managed in one place thanks to the Laika pet water fountain.

Key features

  • It has an ultra-quiet pump that produces no sound even if you place it in a room.
  • It is easy to clean because the pump can easily get separated and cleaned.
  • The pump contains a filter to separate dirt and debris, and UV light makes it cleaner.
  • A red light indicator can remind you about a water shortage.


You'll never have to worry about your cat running out of freshwater again if you're considering adopting a kitty! They are so cute and fun to play with. And don't forget that they need fresh water daily, and a cat water fountain can help you maintain your kitty needs and keep them hydrated.

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