New Puppy Checklist: What You Should Know Before Getting Your Puppy

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Getting a puppy could be just as exciting as it’s unnerving. This is particularly true when getting a cute little canine for the first time. However, being overwhelmed is not the way to go. Instead, preparation is key. 

From considering affordability, family concerns to purchasing materials such as compostable poop bags to raise a dog, having a new puppy list is necessary to enjoy a seamless experience with the pup from the start.

If you are in the process of getting yourself an appealing and loyal puppy in due time, consider reading this article to the end – it will prepare you not only financially but also psychologically. Enjoy reading!

Key Questions to Consider Before Raising a Puppy

Before proceeding to a puppy store online to order for necessities to raise a puppy, sit for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your own life independent and stable enough?

Raising a puppy means you are ready to sacrifice a portion of your daily hours to look after the cutie. From feeding, taking it out on a walk, and going to a jog together, you are getting yourself a friend that needs care. Are you stable enough to share your moments with your incoming little companion?

  • Can your economic situation afford the dog’s daily expenses and maintenance?

While you are certainly going to enjoy a puppy’s loyalty and cuddling, you need to give back with love and care. To do this, you need to spend a considerable amount in getting food, water, and other materials required to keep your puppy healthy.

  • Are the family members you live with supportive?

If you are not staying alone and your family members are less appreciative of dogs, you should inform them beforehand. In fact, it’s recommended to wait until you have your own space to enjoy a quality moment with your puppy. On the contrary, if they are receptive and willing to support, please proceed by all means.

  • After having a child, will he continue to be responsible for the dog?

Perhaps, you want to get a puppy because you feel lonely and bored most time. Now, you have agreed with your spouse to get a puppy to keep you accompanied. After getting your first child, will your husband be responsible for the dog? If not, it might not be worth the effort and finances in the long run. 

  • Do your working conditions allow you to have enough time to accompany it?

Taking care of your new puppy is not only about getting the best diaper or compostable poop bags in the market. You need to check your work schedule and lifestyle to determine if you will have substantial time to share fun time with your loyal canine. 

Ready for Action? Tick the New Puppy Checklist

After considering the key questions above and confident in having the required time, effort, and finances to raise a puppy, the next line of action is to get ready to act with the following checklist.

Checklist 1: Warm Nest-cage or Fence

Before the arrival of your new puppy, it's important to have a warm nest cage or fence in place that would serve as the temporary home for the dog. This is because it needs time to acclimatize to the new environment, and you won't want to leave the cutie in the cold, literally.

Checklist 2: Sufficient dog food and dog food bowls

These are also essentials for your new pup. Advisably, take your time to learn the best type of food for your puppy. From raw, grain-free, canned to dry foods, there are multiple options to consider. Also, you need ideal food bowls in the type of size to keep the food healthy and the space neat. With a 2-meal feeder, you can schedule two meals in advance for busy days. A 6-meal feeder is ideal for keeping up with your canine friend's appetite.

Checklist 3: Outing and playing

As briefly mentioned earlier, it's essential to keep the relationship between you and your pup fun and exciting. Also, an evening stroll across the neighborhood or playing time in the garden contributes positively to you and your dog's mental health. In this regard, a carrying case can help have trouble-free strolls in the first few days.

Checklist 4: Keep it clean and tidy

Keeping your pup's space clean and tidy is non-negotiable. Thus, you need compostable dog poop bags and a poop holder. These are necessities, regardless of where you are living. Original compostable poop bags are biodegradable. A pack of four should suffice for some days.

Checklist 5: Keep innocence and fun – toys

If you seek to create trust and loyalty between you and your pup quickly, consider durable chew toys such as Chilly Penguin. These treat-holding toys help combine fun and food at the time. You can also consider getting an automatic ball launcher to keep your dog bouncing around.

Checklist 6: Blankets/towel

It is likely that you haven't thought about blankets and towels before now. We recommend adding towels and blankets to your list. A personalized towel is essential for your pup's hygiene, while a blanket will contribute warmth.

Checklist 7: Possess a dog's identity 

Here is another crucial checklist for raising a puppy, especially if you are likely to travel often with your pet. A dog's address card can help find your pup when it faces difficulty returning home in a new environment.

Checklist 8: Keep training together 

If you are already thinking about training with your dog, a dog leash should be in your imagination. With a harness, you can comfortably train your new pup every day, especially not to pull on his leash. 

Checklist 9: Beauty Salon

Have you considered how to keep maintaining your pup's beauty? You'll need a dog hairbrush to keep the furs nice and smooth.

Checklist 10: Healthy teeth too

Dental care is crucial not only for us but also for our canine friends. For this reason, endeavor to include a dog toothbrush in your puppy care list. You don't want a dog developing toothache in your care.

Checklist 11: Being eco-friendly when picking up their poops

Having compostable poop bags is a necessity. It's advisable to settle for products that are biodegradable to help keep the environment green for you and your cute canine.               

Check Your List

Now that you have your checklist for a new puppy sorted out, you may proceed to get your highly-anticipated pup. With the questions checked out and the materials in place, you can be confident of having less stressful and exciting moments during the first few days of having a new pup. Before long, managing and maintaining your cutie's beauty will become completely stress-free.

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