How to Tie a Bandana on a Dog?

How to Tie a Bandana on a Dog?

Pet accessories have grown with time. Currently, dog bandanas are trendy items, and many dog owners prefer getting a pet kerchief for their dogs. But how much do you know about dog bandanas, or how to tie bandana on dogs?

Why Do Dogs Wear Bandanas?

Usually, dog bandanas are used as a fashion accessory to protect your dog in a trendy way. As such, most dog bandanas have cute designs that give the doggy swag to your pet buddy. However, dogs wear bandanas for many practical benefits as well. A bandana can act as a pet kerchief, helping to keep your dog warm during extreme colds. Similarly, some dog bandanas are crafted to provide crucial owner information to other dog owners as well. For example, a deaf dog or one that has not received dog training can have these aspects mentioned on their dog bandana.

Some key reasons for why dogs wear bandanas are summed below:

  • Bandanas are easy to apply.
  • They are a great fashion booster for your dog. You may find a bandana of any design that suits your dog’s personality.
  • Other dog owners can be warned through the bandana. Different aspects of the dog’s personality, like aggressiveness or allergies, could be mentioned on the pet kerchief to ensure everyone knows how to behave around them.
  • Some people feel naturally scared of dogs. For them, a dog bandana can help create a calming effect and make the dog look less harmful. This way, they may find it easier to connect with the dog and feel secure around them.
  • They can be used to identify the dog’s gender as well. With the color selection and the design o the bandana, knowing the dog’s gender becomes easy. People may also feel friendlier with the dog if they look trendy.

Measure Your Dog’s Neck

Before finalizing the bandana for your dog, you need to take their neck measurement:

  • Start a few inches below the head. If the dog is small, add a few inches. For medium-sized or large dogs, adding 2 inches would be more helpful.
  • The tape snug must not be very tight.
  • Between the collar and the neck, there should be a minimum space for two fingers. Otherwise, the bandana may choke your dog.
  • You may ask a professional to help you with the measurement to take the exact size for your dog bandanas.

Easy Ways to Tie Different Type of Dog Bandanas

There are many ways to tie a dog bandana. Here, Laika has summed up the easiest methods that can make the process easier. Check out our shop section for the best dog products in the Dog Bandana and pet kerchief section as well.

  • Bowknot

The cowboy knot or the bowknot is a traditional and popular method of how dogs wear bandanas. First, the bandana is folded in half. This way, the owner creates a trainable that is placed loosely around the neck of the dog. The pointy part of the triangle remains on the front side of the dog. This way, the knot gives the dog bandana the look of a pet kerchief, suggesting that the dog is ready to eat something. It looks very trendy and can make your dog look super attractive.

On the other hand, some people prefer the bowtie look. Here, the two points of the bandana are enclosed at the center. The edges, too, meet at the center and are folded twice. Next, a loose knot is tied where one end is longer than the other. At this stage, it is preferable to avoid tightening the knot. The larger end is taken over towards the opposite side, and another know it tied here. Weave a leash underneath the knot before tightening it. Make sure it is loosened to the length of the dog’s collar. 

  • Velcro

The method is very neat and quick. Here, the bandana is wrapped around the neck of the dog. Then, the owner will push both sides together and stick them. However, Velcro bandanas require proper cleaning to be useful. If they remain dirty, their stick will fade away, making them difficult or impossible to wear.

  • Snaps

Using a metal or plastic snaps is another viable option. On either side of the dog bandana, some buttons are pushed together. The bandana is worn properly when the user can hear a snap sound. The application method is easy and very clean. Additionally, no excess fabric remains around or behind the neck of your furry little friend.

  • Like a Cape

Start with the same steps as typing a cowboy knot. However, this method will make the triangle’s point part to the back of the dog’s neck. This way, the bandana would look like a cape around the dog’s neck, giving them a trendy look.

Dog Bandanas Create A Holiday Trendy Look

If you are on holiday and enjoying yourself, try giving the same opportunity to your furry little friend as well. Believe it or not, dogs notice the changes you make to help them feel comfortable. During the holiday season, give your dog a fashion makeover by selecting a trendy bandana for them. Holiday collections for holidays, i.e. Xmas dog bandanas with fun puns on "Sock Thief" for Christmas only, how cute! Tie it around their neck in different ways and look for the one that suits them the most. With proper care and consideration, your dog could become the fashion talk of the town!

Bandana Makes a Dog

Dog’s fashion is becoming as important as human fashion today. With knowledgeable and intuitive dog breeds becoming more common, every gesture you take for your dog will help you feel better and create a strong bond with your furry little friend. Connect with us today, and our team will guide you on the nest dog fashion options available. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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