How to Stop Your Cat from Drinking Toilet Water?

How to Stop Your Cat from Drinking Toilet Water?

Most pet lovers are worried about their pet’s habit of drinking from the toilet. It is heart-ranching when you hear loud slurps of your cat that is drinking from the toilet. You may wonder: is it safe for cats to drink? And how can I stop my cat from drinking from the toilet?

Why Is My Pet Drinking Toilet Water?

Is it the same situation you also face at your home for your cat? The experts have discovered some natural logic that the primal cat nature tends to drink running water. It is the nature of the cat in the wildlife. Similarly, some doctors have also shared their experience regarding cats that running water is healthier than stagnant water in a natural setting. Most people experience that their cats start drinking water from the hose while washing their car in the garage.

On the other hand, one hypothesis explains that a serene environment attracts cats for drinking water. Our toilets are somehow far from the center of our home where all members gather. In this way, the cat loves the peaceful area to enjoy the drink far from its owner/members.

Therefore, we can say drinking running water is an instinctive pull for cats, so they are attracted to drink toilet, sink, and hose water more than stagnant water from their proper bowl.

Is Toilet Water Safe for Cats to Drink?

It is unsafe to let your cats drink toilet water. There are several reasons which can put your cat in danger. Undoubtedly, it naturally comes to mind that you should restrict your cat from drinking toilet water because you love your cat and want them to have a healthy life. There are E-coli bacteria present along with other numerous bacteria in our feces.

Similarly, it dangerously affects our cats to drink from the toilet when we (the owner) also get sick. It will have hilarious impacts on cat health due to the excretion of toxic in feces and urine. In this way, your cat will have an infection because of intestinal bacteria and parasites.

Apart from this, cleaning products are other dangerous things that can target our cats. All the chemical compounds which we use in our toilets for cleaning may become lethal for our cats. These bleach products contain chemicals like chlorine, sodium, and other byproducts of sodium, so these chemical products will have a negative impact when our cats consume them directly. Therefore, you need to discourage your pet from drinking from the toilet because of all the risks.

How to Stop Cat Drink from Toilet?

Most of the owners feel it is a great challenge to stop the cat from drinking from the toilet. However, we can tell you the best solution to overcome this habit of your pet. We have some general as well as one particular way forward which can assist you for the lifetime. All these blueprints are provided below one by one:

  • Keep the lid closed

It is the first and foremost way to stop pet drinks from the toilet. It would be best if you closed your lid once you used your bathroom. It would restrict the access of your pet to drink the water from the bathroom. If you forget about closing it regularly, you need to put a sign to remind yourself every time you use it.

  • Keep close your toilet door

It will help if you close your toilet door once you use it. It is another easy way to discourage your dog from drinking water from the toilet. It is not a difficult task, but your job is to keep the door close. Similarly, if you have guests, you can make them understand one time so that you can save your pet from contaminated water.

  • Keep pet water fresh

A pet used to find freshwater all around its living place. However, if the pet finds hot but not freshwater, it will search for freshwater. Therefore, you need to pour fresh water in bowls for your pet.

If you cannot follow all the above ways to stop your pet drink from the toilet, then buying a pet water fountain is the only best way forward. It is a logical pet product that is specially made for you. This product has a professional pump for your pet which will instill the pet to feel it as natural running water.

This particular product is easy to keep in your bedroom without any disturbance. Apart from this, it has various qualities such as Quadruple Filtration System & Germicidal Light, 2 Modes with large capacity, and an auto power-off system with smart indicators. Similarly, you can wash it quickly because you can separate its parts without any headache. So, you can buy a pet water fountain today without any delay.

 Final Thoughts

Therefore, if you love your pets, you should follow these tips and tricks to stop pet drink from the toilet. However, a small investment of time and money can save the life of your pet.

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