How to Make Cats Happy?

How to Make Cats Happy?

Happy cats live longer and better. That's why cat owners must do all possible to make cats happy. It's not that difficult. Cats are easy to delight and amuse. Here are some ways by which you can keep your cat happy.

#1. Petting cat

Cats appreciate human interaction. At least twice a day, snuggle and talk to your cat. Massage their ears, nose, and chin—stroke from head to tail. Let your cat trust you enough to massage its tummy. Any other contact will cause stress to them. Long-term petting annoys the cat. Stop if it shows signs of pain. Always watch a child pet a cat. Teach your child to pet the cat gently, as a scared cat can scratch.

#2. Take the cat out to play

Owners can safely take their cats outside to improve their minds. While walking, cats need continual supervision. This gives them frequent glimpses of what's happening outside. Cats are superb explorers and observers because they like doing so. Cats are tougher to train than dogs. Once you've cleared that hurdle, they'll join you. Pet strollers or carriers are also available. So don't worry about losing your pet if you bring them along.

#3. Toys for cats

Every day, engage in playful activities with your cat. Use toys that encourage your cat's natural behaviors such as stalking, chasing, pouncing, and kicking. When your cat is exhausted, put away any toys (such as those with strings attached) that could be harmful to them. Allow your children to play with "toys" such as paper bags (with the handles removed) or cardboard boxes when you are not there to monitor. To keep your cat interested, be sure to alternate the toys regularly.

#4. Snacks for cats

Choosing the correct food for your cat might be difficult as they age. When your cat is still a kitten, you should feed her kitten-specific food. Cats of all ages, including adults and senior cats, should receive the same care. Each level has a specified balance for a specific age range. Always get the best foods for them. Cat food comes in different price ranges. Just make sure your cat gets a balanced diet. Because cats are carnivores, they require a lot of protein. So, while choosing a brand, check for fillers or grains.

#5. Let the cat be a hunter

Don't get in the way of your cat's bird and mouse hunts. Your cat, like its lion cousin, is a predator designed to hunt small prey. Don't forget to inspect the yard for dangerous animals! Your cat will love to hunt mice and birds. When determining whether to let your cat out in the yard, keep in mind that cats want entertainment and food. If you live in an area that has small endangered species, don't let your cat out.

#6. Games can prevent lower urinary tract diseases

While they can be lethargic, cats do not sleep all day. They enjoy teasing their owners. Their favorite game is hide-and-seek. For both of you, it invites them to be crazy and humorous! Playing hide-and-seek with a cat may require some nudging. Playfully startle them is one way. This generally activates their play mode. Then hide behind a couch or around a corner. Another alternative is to hide a cat's food in different spots. Hunger motivates cats to work hard for food. These games can prevent lower urinary tract diseases.

#7. Keep the litter box clean

Cats burrow their feces in order to avoid being discovered. It is in their nature to anticipate a clean litter, and if the litter does not meet their expectations, they may resort to using something else. It should be changed at least twice a week, and it should be scooped once per day.

#8. Grind claws

The claws can only be visible when expanded by the flexor tendons. Not touching the ground doesn't make them tired like dogs. You must sharpen their claws. It's possible to shorten a cat's claws to decrease damage caused by them. Let your cat stretch and claw. Cat scratching is common. The position of a long, sturdy scratching post is important.

#9. Give them more love

Cats, like dogs, benefit greatly from mental and physical stimulation. Even a novice cat owner can train their cat to sit on a stool or counter. Training not only strengthens the owner-cat bond, but also makes the cat happy. Allowing your cat to nap alongside you can make it happy. Some cats are born cuddlers. If you're tired, your cat may consider this as a good time to cuddle.

Key Takeaways

It's a misconception that cats need to be outside to be happy. Playing with a cat will easily satisfy their stalking desire, keep them occupied, and help you make cats happy.

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