9 Hacks to Make Your Cat the World's Happiest

9 Hacks to Make Your Cat the World's Happiest

Cats are previous furry friends who share their love with us all the time. No, they do not, for sometimes. Cats are lives who go through ups and downs from time to time, just like humans. Being a friend and an owner of your cats. Take the responsibility to make your cats happy when they're down, and keep them stay pawsitive with 9 hacks below.

1. Increase Skinships

Cats appreciate human interaction. At least twice a day, snuggle and talk to your cat. Massage their ears, nose, and chin—stroke from head to tail. Long-term petting may annoy cats, so stop if it shows signs of uncomforts. 

2. Expose them to the outside world

Take cats outside to enrich their minds. The way how it works for humans. You choose to take a trip or doing sth new when you feel depressed living long in one place, cats feel the same way. Their minds will be freshened while seeing the colorful surroundings during the outside explores.

Humans usually consider cats as indoor animals. Eh-eh, felines carry explorer and adventurer bloods. Although they act less active than dogs among outdoor activities, yet doesn't mean that cats do not enjoy the freedom and adventures.

Remember to always keep an eye on cats while you're out, if your cat is an extremely shy, take steps.

3. Choose their own toys 

Every day, engage in playful activities with your cat. Use toys that encourage your cat's natural behaviors such as stalking, chasing, pouncing, and kicking. Allow your children to play with "their favorites," such as paper bags or cardboard boxes.

One practical tips for toys, be sure to provide a wide varieties of toys, so cats can make their choices, and do not get bored easily.

4. Be generous with snacks

No one can say no to snacks, either do cats. When your cats win a high score on today's performance, pee on pads, drink enough water, do not destroy the home, then your felines definitely deserve some snacks. You don't have to wait the 100 scores, as long as your cats show a positive attitude for their cat works, a snack is the best thing that can cheer them up.

Cooked fish, eggs, cat treats and kinds of cat-friendly food can be your reward snacks, still adequate amount is the key rule, always take cats' weight and health conditions into consideration. 

5. Let them be hunters

Your cat, like its lion cousin, is a predator designed to hunt small prey. Even domestic cats differ from wild cats through trainings, both of them come from the same blood. So let your kittens enjoy their "hunting time".

By hunting, it does not really mean to trace mice or birds, but allow them to play the hunting games in the yard with a fake prey toy. The action bring great fun to cats that you can't imagine.

6. Get them involved in games

A cat can't be happy without love and entertainments. Play interactive games that can get both of you involved. Hide-and-seek is a good option. For both of you, the play invites you both to be crazy and humorous! Generally, games activate cats' play mode, lift their tensions up, so cats feel more excited when playing games.

7. Keep the litter box clean

Cats burrow their feces in order to avoid being discovered. It is in their nature to anticipate a clean litter, and if the litter does not meet their expectations, which absolutely fail to meet the requirements of "a happy furry customer". 

A comfy and clean living condition weighs a lot, you feel easy and relaxed after every house cleaning, that's how cats feel about their waste place. So change the little at least twice a week, and it should be scooped once per day. 

8. Take good care of nails

The claws can only be visible when expanded by the flexor tendons. Not touching the ground doesn't make them tired like dogs. You must sharpen their claws often. Regular trimming not only decrease your home damage, but also their health issues.

Cats are four-legged creatures, long nails will lead to excessive inconvenience for their daily life activities, because we all know how the appearance can affect one's emotions.

9. Show more love

Cats, like dogs, benefit greatly from mental and physical stimulation. Even a novice cat owner can train their cat to sit on a stool or counter. Training not only strengthens the owner-cat bond, but also makes the cat happy. Allowing your cat to nap alongside you can make it happy. Some cats are born cuddlers. If you're tired, your cat may consider this as a good time to cuddle.

A Cat Happiness Pro

How to make cats happy is a lifetime mission once we choose to be a cat mom or cat dad, we love each other deep inside, and there is no doubt we'll offer our help when the other is upset. Cheer four-legged friends up can be as easy as a snap while you're with accurate guidelines, take the 9 tips to make you a cat happiness pro!

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