5 Tips For Better Care Of Your Cats

5 Tips For Better Care Of Your Cats

Hello, cat people! Are you a rookie or experienced? Well, it doesn’t matter. All that matter is our love for cats. Cats don’t have nine lives, so we need to do what we can to protect them. Here are some tips for you to pay attention to while taking care of their health.  

The right vaccinations. Shots protect your cat from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. They can also strengthen their immune system. No matter what age are your cats, they need a vaccine for physical health. You can consult your vet to figure out which vaccines are best and how often should your cat get shots. It usually depends on their age, overall health, and lifestyle. Besides, many local and state governments have laws about vaccines.

Like humans, cats get most of the nutrients from food. Thus, feeding plays an important role in their health. “Cats are very opinionated about food, and a lot of their food preference is formed in the first year”, says Julie A. Churchill, DVM, Ph.D. professor of nutrition. So, if your cat is a kitten, now is the time to get them used to various types of food. But if your cat is older, there are still ways to make sure they get enough nutrients through a balanced meal. Dawn and dusk are their normal hunting time, so those are the best times to feed them.

Regular cleaning is a key to keep their health. Trim their nails often to keep them from scratching and breaking. Don’t forget to file the sharp points or edges to avoid unnecessary damage. Give them a regular bath. Sometimes they get into something sticky or dirty, especially in summer, they may not smell good. Bathing with cat shampoo, and then gently brush and dry your cat. NOTE: THEY MUST BE BRUSHED AND COMBED OUT THOROUGHLY BEFORE AND AFTER THE BATH.   

Keep them warm and hydrated. A normal temperature in cats’ ranges from 100.4º to 102.5º Fahrenheit. You may adjust your room temperature accordingly. Besides, cats do not feel the thirst to drink often, therefore, you have to make sure they have enough water every day.

Clean up the cat litter box in time. Physical health can be affected by living conditions. So, scoop cat litter daily, you may be forgiven if you missed a day of cleaning, but you should think twice before avoiding the cleaning duty because our cat’s health rests in your hand.


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