How To Get Rid Of Dog Poop In The Yard Without Scooping?

How To Get Rid Of Dog Poop In The Yard Without Scooping?

Are you tired of hunting the dog poop in the yard? Well, it is frustrating at some point. The process seems like the hectic duty of the day to ensure there is no poop in the yard at the end of the day. 

When you have one or two puppies or dogs, then it can work to scoop it to an extent. However, with a whole family of dogs, you are going to end yourself. 

Is Dog Poop Good For Grass?

Dog’s pooping in the yard’s grass is normal. It feels like they consider it as their hegemony to poop there. According to science, we have studies that poop excretions have urea in them that turns out to be a fertilizer. There is no doubt this fact works, but does it work for all poops? 

No, not all poops are similar, specifically when it comes to dogs. Their poop is more protein-based and has acidic properties as well. It is not good for grass at all and even causes its damage. Whether you like it or not, you have to scoop and remove the poop from the yard.

If Scooping Wasn't Your Only Option In The Yard

    Just because scooping the dog poop from the yard is the only method we know, never makes it the final option. Thankfully, technology is giving us more opportunities to explore things better. Now you do have alternatives available to deal with the dog poop in the yard. 

    • Composting

    Other than scooping the poop and flushing it, you have the other option of composting. Remember, the dog poop will not act as a fertilizer, but its compost is used for non-edible plants. Therefore, composting can be an ideal option to get rid of this mess. 

    To ensure you are not being stuck with regular polythene bags for composting, it is essential to use compostable dog poop bags. These are smartly designed bags just to ensure you will get the best compost results. Under favorable conditions, these bags take only three to four months to dissolve completely. Selecting the ideal compost bags is essential to keep them environment friendly.  

    • Use an Automatic Pooper Scooper

    Not everyone is comfortable scooping dog poop in the yard and getting rid of it. What if you get to know one of the best alternatives of not picking it with your hands, but with a vacuum? 

    Yes, there are automatic pooper-scoopers available out there for you to make choices and get rid of the trouble. There is no need to frustrate you for the whole day. Whenever you feel the need for scooping dog poop, you can get the vacuum and remove it instantly. 

    Moreover, you can dump all collections directly into the compostable dog poop bags and send these straight to the compost. It reduces your efforts in poop management as well. 

    • Dissolving the Poop

    One of the amazing facts that you might miss about poop is its breakdown. Even if it is not removed from one place, after a certain time it can dissolve or decompose. It is like a breakdown on its own that happens with time. 

    When you do not want to scoop the dog poop, you have the option of dissolving with the help of beneficial enzymes or decomposition. Remember, if you leave it does breakdown on its own, then things can go wrong in many ways. It may take many days to in decomposition. 

    Therefore, the best alternative is to use beneficial enzymes that help in breaking down the poop and dissolving it into the soil. You do not have to scoop it, just use the enzymes in your yard and these active enzymes will do their job. 

    Alternatively, you can use vinegar as breaking down an agent for the dog poop in the yard. It also helps to break down the components of the poop and simplify them to decompose fast. 

    • Dedicated Dog Waste Septic Tanks

    Ultimately, another reliable and accessible option to avoid scooping the dog poop in the yard is installing dedicated dog waste septic tanks. These are designed to help in keeping the decomposition process of poop fast and effective. Using the natural processes to eliminate wastes, these tanks work on a closed-off system. 

    The tanks are not like conventional huge tanks but some kind of unseen installations having just one door available to let you push the entire dog poop in the tank. All you need is to transfer the poop in there with some digesting enzymes. The rest will happen in the tank. There is no need to take the poop out of the yard, the process is done separately. Just install the tanks, and you are sorted to process it on its own. 

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