How Many Toys Should a Dog Have?

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In knowing how many toys a dog should have - there is no exact number. Some say that it would be around 10-15 dog toys, but it really all comes down to their individual needs. 

Read on to know the reason behind how many toys for dogs, tips on dog toys, what type of pet toys you should not give, and which toys are recommended for your pup.

Still, Here Are Some Tips for You on Dog Toys:

How many toys a dog needs vary with different breeds, ages, and behavior each one has. A puppy would need dog toys for teething, an adolescent need them to release unused energy indoors, and an adult to eliminate boredom, relieve stress, and even make them forget about separation anxiety whenever they are left alone. Here are some tips for you on dog toys:

Choose a wide variety of toys

There are no limits to how many toys dogs should have, especially if space is not confined. It is actually advisable that a stack of toys is collected in a corner where your pet can pick whichever is wanted during the time. A wide variety is also suggested to be available as long as it is not a safety hazard.

Clean and replace toys often (for safety)

For safety reasons, dog toys should be cleaned and replaced often. If dog toys are not cleaned regularly or are already worn out, they can harbor harmful germs, bacteria, and other infections. Also, toys would require cleanliness as it is put into the mouth of your pet. Any things taken or ingested might affect your dog's health. 

What Toys Should You Not Give to Your Dog?

There is no holding back to how many toys a dog should have, but the safety of your pet is the highest level of concern, especially when left alone. Here are some types of toys you should not give to your dog:

Chew toys that are too hard

Chew toys that are too hard can affect a dog's teeth while nipping and biting with its jaw, resulting in its damage. There is a way to test a specific toy and know if it is too hard for your dog. One of the many is to use your thumbnail by pressing, and if it cannot be driven through, then the toy is too hard and should not be played with.

Stuffed animals that are too fluffy

Stuffed animals that are too fluffy should not be given to your dog and are not recommended being bought and played with. Fluffy stuffed toys often cannot take the strong teeth and sharp claws that even puppies have. Given that soft toys can be broken, their insides might get taken out and be swallowed in large chunks that can make your pet choke or sick.

What Toys Are Recommended for Dogs?

Toys should be totally safe at the same time that it is entertaining for dogs. You need to just put this in mind irrespective of the type of dog you have, so you do not hurt your pet. Here are some other recommendations on which type of toys are recommended for dogs:

Colorful toys

As dogs do not see the same colors as humans do, it is recommended for dogs to have colorful toys. Having colorful toys is a very vital point since dogs will play more with the item, and it will help them to relieve boredom. Studies show that blue and yellow are colors that are easiest for dogs to recognize and appreciate. Other colors are just shades of black to gray. 

Treat toys (good for training and bonding)

Treat toys are recommended for dogs to stimulate their brains, especially when food dispensing makes your pet hunt for the treat. It would drive their problem-solving skills, self-control and decrease boredom-related behaviors like chewing and barking. This type of dog toy can also be a type of play between the owner and pet, causing both to bond over time.

Note for you - Always supervise your dog when playing toys

Dog toys are often scratched, bitten, and thrown around. But, most likely, dog toys are bitten and chewed for a long time. To withstand continual biting and play, your dog's toys must be relatively durable to prevent the intake of any foreign object while playing. 

When playing with toys, dogs should always be supervised, and all toys available are ensured to be safe, not too soft, not too hard, colorful, and can be enjoyed with treats.

Final Tip in Choosing Dog Toys

Dogs are also naturally born chewers. They have the energy that is kept inside them, making them want to run around or chew on things. But, this is the time to let them gnaw on something besides your furniture, shoes, and the remote control. Dog toys can provide entertainment, exercise, and training at once.

As much as attaining enjoyment is the goal, no matter how many toys for a dog there are, safety is still the priority.

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