How Can You Compost Dog Poop?

How Can You Compost Dog Poop?

The issue of environmental degradation has become a source of significant concern. The dumping of refuse or wastes is one of the main degradation factors of the environment worldwide. In most neighborhoods, different dumping sites have been consciously and, in most cases, have been unconsciously created, increasing the Carbon level in the environment.

A must-do for pet parents

As a pet parent, you should aim for the best of your pet. Your pets must be getting everything they need to stay a healthy pet. Taking care of pets' needs is more than filling their bowl or taking them for a walk. For this reason, we have decided to collate a checklist of must-do for all pet parents.

As pet parents, you are required to:

  • Regularly exercise with your pets

As pet parents, having regular exercise with your pets helps to give them more vigor and creates a bond between your pet and you. Most significantly, for dog owners, taking your dogs for walks and runs helps to strengthen your dog and increase your friendship level.

  • Carry out a medical check-up on your pets

Medical check-ups help to monitor the health of the pets under your care as a parent of pets. Based on your discretion, carrying out medical check-ups on your pets should be either once or twice yearly.

  • Adequately feed your pets.

As a good pet parent, feeding your pets adequately and time should be one of your primary goals. It is one thing to feed your pet, but providing them with the appropriate mixture is another thing. As a pet parent, you should learn how to determine the right proportion and type of food to give your pets with the time factor in mind. Proper feeding is synonymous with good health and strength in your pets.

What are the usual ways of composting?

The usual way for composting involves use some materials and equipment. These equipments are a thermometer, a shovel, waste bins, and water supply. The waste for composting serves as a wet substance, but you do need a dry substance. The dry substance complements the wet substance in the bin.  The dry substances could be paper wastes, sawdust, and so on.

Carrying out composting in the usual way involves the following steps discussed below:

  • The first step is to make holes at the bottom regions of the bins you plan to use to mix the dry and wet substances. It would be best if you placed the bins directly where there is direct contact with the rays of sunlight. You should also note that you should position the bins where water and any other forms of liquids cannot get to them.
  • The next step is to pour the compost into the bin and mix it with the dry substance.
  • You should continuously add dry and wet substances to the compost at regular intervals, separated by days.
  • It would help if you didn't leave the mixture of both the dry and wet substance to dry out. To prevent this, you need water. Mind you, the water you plan to use should be a warm one. You can get warm water by placing the water basin or tank at regions where the sun's rays can directly contact it. The correct proportion of water ensures that the mixture isn't wet but moist.
  • Whenever the bins that contain the compost substances and the dry substances are filled to the brim, you should cover them. The reason for covering the bins and not opening them is for the bacteria present in the mixture of the substances to act on them.
  • After covering the bin for a couple of days, say, twelve to fourteen, open up the bins to check for the temperature of the mixture of the substances. A reduction in the mixture's temperature will signify the need to turn over the substance’s mixture. For easy turning, you need to use a shovel.
  • Once you have successfully carried out the above process, it is time to treat or cure the compost. Treating the compost in the bins makes it ready for use.
  • The curing process is the last stage. It is the process by which you leave the compost its composting process. This may last for months or, at most, a year.

A more environmentally friendly way to deal with dog poop

  • Use compostable dog poop bags

Compostable poop bags are vegetable-based materials made from corn starch, which you can reuse every year. The compostable poop bags are non-degradable as they are environmentally friendly. These bags are made up of exceptional features, and these features include:

  1. Compostable

The composite dog poop bags available are compostable, non-degradable as they release no harmful metals into the compost. This means that the usage of the bags will have positive effects on the compost.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Due to their compostable features, the compostable poop bags are friendly to the environment because there will be a high reduction in Carbon levels. The removal of Carbon in the environment makes the atmospheric air very fit for intake. 

  1. Total leakproof

The dog poop bags are designed so that there are no leakages of the wet poop. This can also be linked to the fact that the thickness level is extra.

  1. Resistance to tear

Based on the fact that the thickness levels of the compostable poop bags are extra, there is a low resistance to tear.

The depletion of the ozone layer and climate change is due to the increase in the environment's carbon level. If we indeed desire to make our planet safe, we must prioritize the use of green products. These products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made with sustainable packaging. By using green products, we can easily keep our environment, water clean and prevent air pollution. While you make your composite, you must make use of green products such as compostable poop bags. These bags are eco-friendly and help keep the planet safe. Don’t worry; we’ve done the hard part for you. You do not need to look around before you can get the best compostable poop bags. All you need is to follow through this link and order your compostable poop bags.

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