Halloween Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Your Pets

Halloween Gifts for Pets

Everyone, it's October now! Halloween is coming! Got any ideas on your Halloween costumes? Well, don't forget to take care of other family members, especially our four-legged furry friends.

Your pup or kitten is entitled to enjoy Halloween as much as you do, and it's time for you to take action and get ready to prepared.

You and your doggie and kitten come up to the stage with eye-catching Halloween costumes. But when ready to give likes, people see long nails on the paw, messy matted hair inside… "Woo, that may just not perfect for the best," they may say.

So before you Google "dog Halloween costumes," "cat Halloween costumes,"… You should get them groomed first.

Here is where you can find help and guide.

Halloween Grooming Gifts: Here they are

Grooming Step 1: Trim their nails

Nice dress but long nails? No-no. We intend to dress up our furry kids as much as possible to make them stand out, but long nails are not for a safe and healthy Halloween show, while Zombie may be on your costume list. The goal should be to cut our pet's nails short enough that you cannot hear them on your tile floor. Think about their safety and health first; short, smooth, tidy nails can still win the games.


Clippers for dogs

LAIKA Professional Dog Nail Clippers have a safety guard right behind the blades, eased concerns about cutting too much, so you don't have to worry about cutting the quick inside the nails. Effective, smooth clippings are guaranteed with sharp blades. No nick, quick and easy.

Clippers for Cats

The furry feline lovelies have much smaller paws than canines. Large clippers for tough nails may fail to work when it comes to cat nails. Recommend you LAIKA Cat Nail Clippers, tailored to small animals' nail clipping. Curved blades allow you to make sure how much you're cutting to avoid over-cutting. Though it's small, yet it's ergonomically designed, which can offer a very comfortable grip.

Clippers are useful to keep a pup's or kitten's rear end neat and clean. But some may not feel this way.


Grinders- Nail file: for those who're afraid of clippers

If you have so many fears of trimming nails with clippers, try this out! LAIKA Professional Pet Nail Grinder. It shortens the pet's nail by grinding; you can take full control over the speed, angle and shape. This electric nail file has infinitely adjustable speed, is easy and safe. The best tool for Halloween grooming.

A must but less known note for you – "Regular trimming of a dog's nails will cause the quick to recede."

Grooming step 2: Brush their hair

Matted dog or cat hair is the worst! It's ugly, dirty, sometimes painful, and once matted pet hair starts, it can snowball out of control and become a health issue. It speaks how important hair grooming is to Halloween pet costumes, which can win millions of likes. A shiny, healthy coat can highlight your pet's Halloween costumes, probably a game-changer for the show.

Brush for Dogs

A strong, effective but gentle brush can help with matted hair. Hundreds of premium bristles with rounded covers from LAIKA Dog Grooming Brush are made for doing so.

 Brush for Cats

How about a cute brush for feline cuties? LAIKA Cat Grooming Brush is a cutie itself! Paw-shaped designs give it a lovely looking, even a nice decoration for a pet family when not in use. Besides, it does what a brush needs to do. 95% of dead hair can be removed with the LAIKA cat brush. Cats will love this comfortable brushing.

Brush the messy matted coat out! Bring more fun and amazing Halloween dressed-ups to the show!

We hope you have enjoyed this round-up of the Halloween gift guide for pets and that your pup or kitten is patiently awaiting his gift. Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone!

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