Do You Really Know about Compostable Bags?

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It’s been centuries since conversations circling conservation and the protection and preservation of the environment and wildlife were initially sparked. These conversations commenced as far back as in the 17th century and the realization that we would lose our planet if we did not protect it had ignited in human minds long before then. Today, hands have been joined across countless initiatives from all the continents to stop human activities that damage the planet and instead, conserve the environment for future generations of all species.

In 2021, we aren’t just saving the planet for ourselves. We are saving it for our kids, for their kids, for our plants, and even for our pets. And it’s the little acts that culminate to yield the largest effects; acts such as recycling, conserving water, planting trees, and using compostable bags.

We at LAIKA are an award-winning company with years of experience in developing pet products that not only ease pet care and enhance the fun of pet time, but we also have products that are designed to be eco-friendly and bring zero harm to the environment. As a team of young pet lovers, this is a passion project for us. So today, we are going to educate our readers on compostable dog poop bags and why it is necessary to use them with your pets.

What Is OK Compost HOME and TÜV AUSTRIA?

What is Composting?

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants.” The environmental benefits of composting include the reduction of the waste streams in our communities, cutting down methane emission from burning waste in landfills, enhancement of soil health, and lessening erosion, just to mention a few.

For a product to be compostable, it has to be organic and biodegradable. This means that it must be: (1) produced from materials that were planted using natural fertilizers and no chemicals, and (2) capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

TÜV AUSTRIA is a 100% independent certification body for the market of bioplastics and all compostable, biodegradable, and bio-based products. The TÜV AUSTRIA group works as a regulatory party that employs a list of international standards and rules to endorse products as fully biodegradable and compostable. The group is a current world leader in certification in the market of bioplastics as well as other bio-based products.

One of the certifications provided by TÜV AUSTRIA is the OK compost HOME. If a product or its packaging features the OK compost HOME label, this means that it has been endorsed as a product that is completely biodegradable even under more complex decay conditions, for instance, in garden composting. There are several standards that a product must meet in order to obtain this certification.

How Are Compostable Bags Made?

Compostable bags are made using natural plant starches, and these materials do not produce any toxic matter. For a bag to be considered compostable, it must meet certain standards such as those provided by TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK compost HOME and the bag will have the certification symbol or label on it.

Where can you use compostable bags? Compostable bags can be used to line your kitchen bin for organic waste or as dog poop bags. After use, tie them up and place them in the green-lidded food and garden organics (FOGO) gin, where they will compost easily.

Are Bompostable Bags Biodegradable?

Yes, compostable bags are biodegradable. A study conducted at the University of Plymouth has revealed that only compostable bags are truly biodegradable. Compostable bags break down readily in a composting system through microbial activity and will turn into compost over time. The difference between biodegradable bags and compostable bags is that under the right settings, compostable bags decompose a lot faster than biodegradable bags, making for speedier elimination of organic waste and provision of compost for the soil and plants.

Compostable bags are an excellent innovation in the global mission towards building a waste-free world in order to protect and restore nature. In the US alone, statistics show that over 48 million households own at least 1 dog, and so it is important to ensure that the waste bags you are using for your pets are compostable dog poop bags.

Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags.

Introducing LAIKA’s 100% Compostable Dog Poop Bag!

Made from corn starch—which is an annually renewable resource—and other bio-based proprietary components, our dog poop bags are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable. LAIKA’s dog poop bags are certified OK Compost HOME, OK Compost INDUSTRIAL, and Seedling by TÜV AUSTRIA Industrial/Home standards. The bags are also leak-proof, easy to open, tie, and carry, and 100% eco-friendly.

To make your dogs and puppies happy today, create a cleaner and waste-free environment for them and purchase our LAIKA Compostable Dog Poop Bags.

Approximately 50% of all the waste that comes from our homes and other spaces constitutes organic matter that can be decomposed to create compost for the soil. It is our duty to keep this percentage steadily on the rise by continuing to make use of biodegradable products.

We at LAIKA are dedicated to providing pet owners with reliable, high-quality, premium, and eco-friendly products that give wonderful user experiences to you and your lovely pet. To check out more of our products, sales, blog posts, and find out more about LAIKA, click here to visit our website.

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