Do You Know the 6 Pooping Poses for Dogs?

Do You Know the 6 Pooping Poses for Dogs?

As a dog parent, dog poop is among the best ways of monitoring the health of your furry best friend. But that’s not the only way we can monitor their health. Monitoring pooping poses for dogs is also a great way to ensure that their health is in check. With a keen eye on them, you will see a symptom if the dog is sick. Sometimes they behave in strange ways that could tell us a lot about the dog. Stick around to find out why.

6 pooping poses of dogs

Dogs have a strong instinct to carefully consider their potty break. Dog poop and pee are a way of communicating, and how they remove these wastes is among the main reasons you should pay close attention to them.

  • Pulling back while walking

If you're wondering where all of a sudden burst of energy is coming from and whether you should be worried, fear not. Usually, when a dog pulls forward to enjoy more of the walk, they may seem impatient to get somewhere, and if they have to poop, well, you just might be holding them back from reaching their designated poop area. Another reason could be that they need to find a new territory that belongs to them specifically. It's not always a cause for alarm when a dog does this, but the behavior can be trained if it truly bothers you.

  • Legs up against the wall

Dogs, like most canines, are very territorial, especially with their poop. If your dog poops against the wall or a tree, they are trying to get their scent as wide-spread as possible to signal to other dogs in the area that the tree is a marked territory. When the dog does this particular pooping pose for dogs, the feces is left at the nose level for many dogs, who will instantly know not to poop anywhere near that marked territory.

  • Looking around

Because of their possessive nature, your dog might find it hard to release themselves just because they simply cannot find ground that has not been marked or isn't suitable to their liking. Yes, dogs can be very picky, a trait they adapt from a young age. They love soft surfaces, and while finding the right surface might seem endless, they must find the perfect surface.

Your dog may not want to settle for just that spot because they understand that through their poop, they will be communicating with other dogs. Dog poop contains information such as the type of food available, whether the food is available, how friendly they are, and so forth. If they're being very selective, it's with good cause. Be patient and supportive while they look for that golden spot.

  • Hiding in the grass

This gesture might come off as the dog being shy, but hey, don't we all like a little privacy when doing a number two? Dogs also like some privacy. They might find some tall grass or thick bush to handle their business far away from prying eyes, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that, as it doesn't show any medical problem. Privacy also gives them a sense of safety.

In other instances, the dogs might poop while looking at you dead in the eye. At this moment, while they're pooping, they're feeling vulnerable and are looking for the assurance that you will protect them if anything happens. They lock the gaze to find safety in you. If the dog is watching you keenly while they poop, they don't just regard you as their owner; you are more than that. In the canine family, you are part of the pack, and they depend on you to come to the rescue, just as they would have done if it was you.

  • Sitting on the bathroom.

Here, your dog is imitating you, the owner. As mentioned earlier, the dog counts you as one of their pack members now. A couple of habits are bound to rub off on them, especially when they are puppies. Imitating you gives them a sense of belonging; it's how they try to identify themselves with you, and coping with some of your behaviors also makes them feel closer to you.

It's not bad to have a dog that will go to the extent of sitting on the same toilet as you. They look up to you and love you too, hence the imitation. Other times they might follow you to the bathroom and sit with you as if guarding you. That's because pooping is a very vulnerable activity, and if you maintained eye contact with them while they pooped, they're likely to signal their support back by walking in the bathroom with you.

Be careful, though, not to transmit any anal infections from your dog to yourself. Sharing the toilet seat is sweet and all, but it can pose dangers and risk the health of your household, including your dog. If your dog has this habit, ensure they are tested for any anal infections and that you are free from any diseases too. If infections can spread from one human being to another, so can the transmission be between you and your dog. Remember to disinfect your toilet seat at all times.

  • Circling

This pooping pose for dogs could mean two things. Either your dog needs to go poop and is trying to signal you that, or they're trying to find the perfect spot to poop. This circling movement allows them to flatten the grass beneath, giving them comfortable ground underneath. They are also looking out to see if the spot is secure, and nothing is close by to pose any threats. As I said earlier, pooping is an activity that makes dogs feel vulnerable, and they need protection during this time.

As they move in circles, they also stimulate bowel movements, which will make the process of pooping effortless. Pooping is sacred to dogs, so when you see your furry best friend engage in this activity, be patient and allow them to find what they like. If you can, find a place to sit nearby and let the dog find that spot, no matter how long it takes. Such gestures help in cementing your relationship now that your dog sees you wait patiently beside them.

The Take-Away

Dogs can be sensitive and need a lot of patience from us as dog parents. While we wait for them to finish up taking the number two, we must remember to keep the environment clean. Don't leave dog poop anywhere. Pick up your pet's stool, and it doesn't have to be such a tough job. If you're using a pocket tissue or handkerchief, you'll definitely not like the smell of your hands for the next couple of hours.

Instead, use a compostable dog poop bag that is leakproof, so you don't have to worry about smell or anything; it's biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and also very lightweight. You can carry it anywhere, even as you go for your walks. Once you’ve picked up the poop, you don’t have to worry about trashing it in a trash can. It’s biodegradable, remember? It makes it so easy to keep the environment clean and take care of your dog!

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