Cat Water Bowls V.S. Cat Fountains- Who Wins?

Cat Water bowls VS Cat Fountains

Pets are the heart of everything, and they make our lives wholesome. Owning a cat can bring you unconditional love. You get a companion to spend time together, and these furry buddies can melt your heart with their cuteness and love. However, it is necessary to keep your furry friend pampered and hydrated. Providing your furry friend with the right cat drinking accessories is essential because water quality plays big in cat's health.

Use Cat Water Bowl to Drink

A cat water bowl is a wide bowl made up of metal, ceramic, or plastic material. They come in many sizes, patterns and configurations. This traditional container holds plenty of fluid for cats. The cat water bowls are used to give your cat easy access to drink from. 

 Pros of Cat Water Bowls

  • Readily available - Cat water bowls are easily available. You can easily get one at your nearby grocery stores, or handmade one with materials at home.
  • Cheap purchase Cat water bowls will not cost you a fortune. They come at pocket-friendly prices, and you can easily purchase any material bowls with a relatively low price.
  • Varieties - Cat water bowls come in many types. Be it material-wise or shape-wise, or even based on size. They come in stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic materials. You can also choose from the raised cat bowls, which are available in different designs and styles. 
  • Easily replaceable - You can quickly move cat bowls from one place to another. Basically, no limits to water bowls if it needs to move. Only 3 steps, locate, pick up, and place, done.

 Cons of Cat Water Bowls

  • Water have to be replaced frequently- Cat water bowls are like regular utensils. It needs cleaning with every use. The water gets dirty along with the water bowl if kept unattended. You must replace the water at a very high frequency.
  • Water does not stay fresh- The water inside a water bowl, usually from the tap, which contains a myriad of risks we probably do not notice. Even filled with bottle water or boiled water, the long-time exposure to air and dust, water is no longer as pure as it starts. Unhygienic fluid isn't a good supply for cats, oh, isn't for all animals and humans.
  • Cats consider stagnant water unsafe - Water in a water bowl stay still, but cats are picky about waters, they're less likely to drink stagnant water than flowing water, due to their natural instincts.
  • Splash water from the water bowl- Cats love to play with water, no exception when they're drinking. They're fussy drinkers, so you may find the feeding spot a mess after cats having water, splashes around the bowl, bowls be tipped over, and traditional cat water bowls can't help with that.

Cat Fountains: What is it?

A cat fountain, with multiple smart designs, is an intelligent basin or a bowl that delivers a constant supply of fresh water to your cats.  Same with traditional bowls, the most applied materials of cat water fountain are plastic, stainless-steel, and ceramic. Now, cat drinking fountains gain more and more popularity among pet families.

Pros of the Cat Water Fountains

  • Large capacity - Cat water fountains usually get a water tank inside for water storage, which holds a large capacity of water more than an average bowl. You don't have to do frequent fillings.
  • Filtration system - Cat water fountains are favored by many pet owners because of the filtration system. Coconut-shell carbon filters remove dust, dirt, and other unwanted crud from the water. You can rest assured that your cats are drinking from a safe source.
  • Flowing water all-day - Flowing water is appealing to cats. Cats are sensitive animals who tend to trust still water has more potentials to hide risks. You can entice cats to drink more with a cat fountain in home.
  • Noise-proof - Smart machine may keep you away from getting into cat fountains, thinking they're sounds-maker. Actually, it's not. Quality cat fountains come with excellent pump, giving no burdens if place it in bedroom. Low noise level, quiet water flowing, so a positive item to bring home for cats.
  • Prevention of whisker stress - Cats do not like their whiskers to be touched at all. Cat water fountains are set up in such a way that it prevents the whisker stress from happening. With a wide open, cats can drink water freely without their whiskers being touched.

Cons of the Cat Water Fountains

  • May cost a bit - Cat fountains, an electric machine applied with intelligent designs will cost you more than a classic water bowl.
  • More parts need to be cleaned - Unlike bowls, cat fountains contains a bit more components than classic bowls, meaning more parts need to be washed or wrapped, so it may take some time than just clean a bowl.

Only Hydration That Matters

With the advancement of technology, new inventions are taking place. The cat water fountain is one such piece of equipment that is very much necessary in today’s world to make your cat stay hydrated. It is a great way to give your cat the enough amount of quality hydration. 

However, the bottom line is whether it is a cat water bowl or a cat fountain, giving your cat fresh water every day is essential because you do not want your furry friend to have health issues.

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