Cat Water Bowls VS Cat Fountains- Which One Is Better?

Cat Water Bowls VS Cat Fountains- Which One Is Better?

Pets are the heart of everything, and they make our lives wholesome. Owning a cat can bring you unconditional love. You get a companion to play with, and these furry buddies can help you relieve your stress. However, it is necessary to keep your furry friend pampered and hydrated. Providing your furry friend with the right cat accessories is essential because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

 Cat Water Bowl: What is it?

A cat water bowl is a wide bowl made up of metal, ceramic, or plastic material. They come in many sizes, patterns and configurations. This bowl helps your cat to stay hydrated all day long. Freshwater is necessary for cats all day long to keep their health at an optimum level. The cat water bowls are used to give your cat easy access to fresh, clean water. It is necessary to give your friend a good water bowl and make sure to keep it in a good place so that your furry buddy can drink water undisturbed. This will help ensure that your cat is drinking plenty of fluid.

 Pros of Cat Water Bowls
  • Readily available- Cat water bowls are easily available. Be it supermarkets or web stores, you can order the best cat water bowls for your cat with just one click.
  • Cheap purchase-Cat water bowls will not cost you a fortune. They come at pocket-friendly prices, and you can easily purchase any bowl you think is perfect for your furry buddy.
  • Varieties- Cat water bowls come in many types. Be it material-wise or shape-wise, or even based on size. They come in stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic materials. You can also choose from the raised cat bowls, which are available in different designs and styles. These raised-type bowls improve your cat’s overall posture. You can choose the cat water bowl of your choice based on your preferences, and you will get a wide variety to select your preferred bowl.
  • Easily replaceable- You can quickly move cat bowls from one place to another. If you think your cat is getting disturbed while drinking water, you can move it to a quieter place where your cat will be able to drink water without getting distracted.
 Cons of Cat Water Bowls
  • It needs to be cleaned frequently- Cat water bowls are like regular utensils. It needs cleaning with every use. The water gets dirty along with the water bowl if kept unattended. Everyday cleaning is necessary so that your cat gets fresh water to drink.
  • Water does not stay fresh- The water remains wide open in the bowl. You have to keep changing the water because the dirt and dust around will not let the water stay fresh, and it is harmful to give dirty water to your pet. If it is not cleaned regularly, it becomes unhygienic.
  • Cats consider stagnant water unsafe- Since cats are picky about stagnant waters, they hardly drink from water bowls or tend to splash the water out of the bowl.
  • Splash water from the water bowl- Cats have a habit of playing with the water in the water bowl. They like to see the water moving while drinking it. This splashing will spill water all over your room, which will add to your workload to clean it.

Cat Fountains: What is it?

A cat fountain is a basin or a bowl that delivers a constant supply of fresh water to your cats so that they can stay hydrated. They are non-porous and less likely to catch hold of bacteria. These come in various materials like ceramic, steel, and even plastic. They are long-lasting and prevent any splashing of water.

Pros of the Cat Water Fountains
  • Bigger capacity- Cat water fountains hold more water than the traditional water bowls. Cat fountains do not require frequent filling up of water.
  • Filters dirt and fine hair- Cat fountains have a filter set within that helps to remove all kinds of grind and fluff that build up and can make the water unclean.
  • Keeps water constantly flowing- Flowing water is appealing to cats. Moving water in the cat fountain is more likely to be clean. This encourages them to drink more water.
  • Water stays cooler- Due to the continuous circulation of water, the temperature of the water remains a couple of degrees cooler that will encourage your cat to drink more water.
  • Encourage proper hydration- Many cats remain dehydrated, leading to complications in their health like problems in the urinary tract and kidney diseases. The moving water in the cat fountain taps the cat’s instincts and encourages it to drink more regularly from the fountain.
  • Prevention of whisker stress- Cats do not like their whiskers to be touched at all. Cat water fountains are set up in such a way that it prevents the whisker stress from happening. Cats can drink water freely without their whiskers having to touch the water at all.
Cons of the Cat Water Fountains
  • Expensive- The filters need upgrading every few months, which can cost you a good amount of money. If the filter breaks, it needs a replacement that adds up to the expense.
  • Difficult to clean- Unlike bowls, cat fountainsare much more challenging to clean. The built-in pump mechanism requires proper cleaning for the fountain to work correctly. It requires extra work and extra expense to keep the fountain in good condition.

For you

Cat water bowls are traditional ways to provide your cats with water. They can be easily replaced and are available at a low price. However, with the advancement of technology, new inventions are taking place. The cat water fountain is one such piece of equipment that is very much necessary in today’s world to make your cat stay hydrated. It is a great way to give your cat the right amount of hydration. However, the bottom line is whether it is a cat water bowl or a cat fountain, giving your cat fresh water every day is essential because you do not want your furry friend to have health issues. Be it summer or winter, your primary focus should be providing your cat with the right amount of water and keeping your pet hydrated and pampered.

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