Cat’s Longevity Secrets: How to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy?

Cat’s Longevity Secrets: How to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy?

Cat lovers are all around the world because people love to have this furry creature as their pet. According to the stats, cats are the most lovable pets, and people want to keep them in the house. If we look at the ASPCA's stats, almost 74.96 million cats are in American households. So, if you are keeping cats as pets, then it comes with lots of responsibility. Thus, it's vital to keep this furry creature pampered to maintain good health. Here are the following tips that can bring a difference in improving pets' health.

How to bring change in a cat's life span? Does it help?

It is one of the main questions because people think a good diet and care don't make any difference. But the reality is entirely different. According to the research of Boston University:

“Lifestyle and environmental changes contribute up to 70-80% difference in cat’s longevity. But the contribution of the genes is only up to 20%.”

So, according to the results of this research, it's evident that our care can increase a cat's life span. Apart from this, nutrition plays a vital role in keeping cats healthy and happy.

Understand cat’s life stages:

If you want to make a difference in a cat's life span, start from a fundamental step. So. here are different life stages of cat, and your action should align with the life stage:

Name of stage


Highlighted points


0-6 months

Not sexually mature



Learn about life & survival



Physically and behaviorally mature



Mature equivalent to human



Equal to a human who is up to 70 years

Super seniors



So, while deciding activities and nutrition, look at this chart because your actions will determine the cat's health.

Tips to keep your cat/pet healthy and happy: Secrets to share:

If you are a responsible pet owner, you should make constant efforts to keep your cat healthy and happy. So, here are ways that will help to improve quality and life expectancy.

Keep the cat indoor:

It’s proven that the life span of indoor cats is much longer than the outdoor. We know that the life of an outdoor cat seems happier and more enjoyable. But the reality is different and outdoor cat lives less compare to the indoor ones. If you keep the cats indoors, then they won't catch any diseases and harmful germs. Above all, indoor cats stay safe from wild animals and unnecessary wounds. So, if you want to give your pet an elevating life, then keep indoor.

Go to the vet:

Veterinary care is of utmost importance as it plays a vital role in keeping pets active and healthy. Your vet is the person who can identify specific health conditions way before time. In this way, you can take corrective measures on time that ultimately helps to improve the inner system. Above all, frequent vet visits are vital, especially when your pet's age is between 0-7months. At this time, the vet can quickly identify if there are any abnormal clinical signs.

Ensure drinking water is fresh:

Cats can survive on a low water supply because mainly they fulfill their thirst through food. However, it's vital to keep the food wet and clean. In simple words, cats are picky, and they don't drink water if it's not clean and fresh. So, ensure you are using new and rinsed water to fulfill the thirst. We know it's tough to arrange clean water for a pet every time. Thus, there are many helpful products like aqua pet fountain that come with free filters to ensure cleanliness in the market. Moreover, there are following other qualities of this pet accessory:

  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • It doesn't produce noise, and you can easily use it in room
  • It comes with a filter system to ensure cleanliness
  • Has ample water storing capacity

Apart from this, keep water and the food bowl separate and make sure you are washing them after some time.

Keep your cat active:

Daily activity is of utmost importance for every living life, whether they are human or animals. Active pets stay away from the stress that helps them to stay healthy and happy. Earlier, we discussed that indoor cats stay longer, but you surely need to add exercise and other physical activities to their routine. For instance, you can let your pets work for their food or take them to the park for playing activities. Cats' natural behaviors include climbing and stretching, so it would be better to have activities related to this.

Keep your cat’s weight ideal:

Obesity leads to many health challenges and makes the pet lazy. An overweight cat has other severe health risks like cancer, diabetes, joint pain, heart diseases, etc. But you can control all these diseases by maintaining a healthy weight. If the condition worsens day by day, you can go to the vet to ask for an expert opinion. Apart from this, while choosing canned and processed food, read the ingredients and high-quality formula.

Your cat needs love and care:

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