Camping Gear for Dogs

Camping Gear for Dogs

The dog is man's best friend. But often one would say that he is also the camper's best friend. Taking your dog on a camping trip is no longer so unusual. 

Indeed, camping holidays with your four-legged friend are becoming increasingly popular, and the offer is adapting to become more varied and luxurious. A trend that is also making itself felt in terms of equipment, with an assortment more sensitive to the needs of dog owners.

Sleeping immersed in unspoiled nature, breathing fresh air deeply, and experiencing the feeling of freedom that a holiday in direct contact with nature offers: these are priceless sensations, which many dog ​​owners do not want to give up. And with reason, we can add, because there is nothing better for our furry friends than being outdoors all day with us, perhaps being able to run in peace on a nearby beach and feel the sensation of the sand underneath. 

Even the owners, with the campsite, can enjoy their holidays without having to give up practically anything.

The days when camping was only an option for scouts and hikers in search of clean air are long gone. Well-maintained sanitary facilities, a small supermarket, a restaurant, playgrounds, and a swimming pool are now standard features of many European campsites. And if you don't want to sleep in a tent, you can rent comfortable caravans or small equipped bungalows on the spot.

Pet-Friendly Camping Place:

The premise from which to start, to plan your holidays, is the destination, that is, where you would like your trip to lead you. Mountain or beach

  • Lakes and mountains:

If you are the type who prefers to wear hiking shoes when on vacation rather than staying all day in Lakes and mountains. Not only will you find beautiful mountain peaks, cozy huts, refreshing lakes, and lush alpine meadows in the US, but also numerous dog campsites.

If your dog loves water, the idea is to choose a facility near a lake where dogs are allowed to swim. In this sense, you can find dog beaches on US who allow access to our four-legged friends. The advice is to inform yourself before booking, to be sure that there are no restrictions or restricted access, especially during the high season.

Camping Gear for Dogs:

  • Basic Essentials:
  • Water & food & bowl:

To feed your four-legged friend you cannot do without a bowl. However, many of them are rather bulky and not always practical to store. 

This collapsible silicone bowl is a space-saving solution that can be opened and re-closed with each use. This compact two-piece set is ideal for food and water.

  • Dog leash & dog toys:

Dogs are not allowed to be off-leash at most campsites. For this reason, many are equipped with a ground pole and an extra-long lead type lead.

Some to allow the dog the maximum freedom decide to create a small enclosure using the fences of the cattle or those "roads". In this case, however, evaluate based on the character of your animal and check first with the campsite that it is allowed to do so.

You can take a ball and some toys to enjoy your time with your pet.

  • Tents for camping with dog:

The dog in the tent will sleep and live in close contact with you. In this way he will have the opportunity to have many new experiences, mediated by his reference humans, in a relaxed and positive context, increasing his self-esteem.

At night, you will sleep together, very close, inside the tent. This will cement your bond in the logic of "making a pack" or, if you prefer, it will be a step in that path that leads the human to become an "accredited guide" of their dog.

  • Compostable poop bags:

Wherever you are out and about with your dog - on the campsite, on the beach, or in a pedestrian zone - with this set you always have the hygiene bags at hand, so as not to leave any traces.

  • Using portable carrier:

If this is your first holiday with your dog, you may have asked yourself the question of transport during the trip. In the camper it is not so simple, considering the sitting area with the table. 

The foldable pet carrier is therefore a practical solution: it can be placed safely on the ground, acting as a comfortable kennel during the journey. If you no longer need it on vacation or after, you can fold it away and store it without taking up space.

  • Safety Essentials:
  • First aid kit

Before leaving for a holiday in a tent with the dog, consult your veterinarian for any vaccinations to do, and do not forget the health book. Many recommend bringing a cortisone-based drug for bee/wasp stings and/or a first aid kit, but even in this case, it is better to seek advice in advance from the doctor who follows the animal.

  • Train your dog:

In the campaign, you often get into trouble. Train dogs can help survive this situation. If the dog is lost from you in the forest or somewhere, he can survive by hunting.

Dog training for quail hunting can start from the first months of life. In the first two months, the dog sees every action like a game, so every command must be motivated by a reward. We must make him learn who is in charge and impose rules on him that he will have to follow in any circumstance.

  • Adapt ahead of time:

You should train your dog for adapting to the new place before going to camp. Furthermore, to allow the puppies to adapt to the new context of life, calmness and patience are especially essential. This is why it is important to dedicate a lot of time to the dog, especially at the beginning of the cohabitation. If you work in a tent, think carefully about how to manage your puppy's day before he moves in with you. You should take at least the first two days to dedicate them entirely to your pet in a new place.

  • Don't leave the dog alone in the camp:

Fresh water and shade should never be missing during a camping holiday with your dog in a tent. Do not forget that you are there to spend time together so get ready to spend as much time with him as possible, organizing yourself in advance to find activities and businesses where your friend will be welcome.

Furthermore - dispassionate advice - never leave the dog alone in the tent, even if tied to the pole. You never know what animals can do if they get scared, and a maverick camping dog could run into trouble!

Other Tips for Camping With Dogs

If you don't already have it, remember to take out an insurance policy for the dog, useful not only on vacation, but always. There are economic policies called "the head of the family" that cover for any damage caused by your dog or those specific to pets, which often also include the reimbursement of veterinary expenses should your dog need it.

No matter how dog-friendly the campsite is, the house rules must always be respected. It's best to have a look at it before you arrive. However, there are essential unwritten rules for stress-free camping with a dog:

Maintain exemplary behavior towards other guests, dog owners or not

Don't let your dog pee on all trees, only in designated areas. Sometimes there are special dog baths. Their excrement must be collected in a special bag and then thrown in the garbage.

Always supervise your dog and let him free only where it is allowed, such as in-play areas or walking areas. In other areas, a leash is usually required.

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