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Best Type of Water to Drink for Cats

Pet owners always want the best for their pets, so are you also cautious about your cat and want the best for your cat in drinking?

Well, we will guide you on why providing clean water to your cats is essential and will guide you on which water is best for your cats to drink.

Can Cats Drink Distilled Water?

Do you think that feeding distilled water to your cat is the right thing for it? It is a prevailing thought that giving our cats with the purest water at hand is the very best thing we can do for them. Generally speaking, if the water is good for you to drink, it is good enough for your pet.

But it's not correct upon drinking waters. Distilled water may seem to be 100% "pure" to offer your cats, but it's not a safe option for a long-term period. Because by providing cats distilled water, you take essential minerals out, which the cat's body needs. Also, distilled water is acidic and may lower your cat's urine pH below 6, which may cause stones or even crystals in the cat's belly.

Can Cats Drink Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is carbonated. There is also a fear that the carbonation from this bubbly water may lead to a risk of swelling in animals if given in large amounts.

Hence, it is suggested that you don't feed sparkling water to your cat in large amounts. A smaller amount of this water may be safe as it won't affect the internal systems of your pet cat. 

Can Cats Drink Well Water?

In many cases, experts also recommend that giving your pets well water or hard water, in general, shouldn't be the proper practice. Well, water may contain harmful things or even parasites, and these harmful things can harm your pet's health.
Well, water contains hardness minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which may cause conditions like urinary tract or bladder infections. You should ensure that your cats are having a guaranteed safe water sources.

Can Cats Drink Salty Water?

Though normal levels of saltwater may be safe for your cats, a check and balance must be maintained. Most cats can sustain saltwater, but drinking too much of it may lead to elevated blood salt levels. Thus, care should be taken in this case.

Is Tap Water Bad for Cats?

Some cats love to drink from the tap because it's flowing. However, the safety of the tap water really depends. For it comes from the nature, millions of unknowns may contain on tap water, it's unsure and unsafe for cat's long-time drinking source.

It would help if you got your tap water checked for its cleanliness. Or you can provide tap water to cats after filtered. You must also pay attention to water hardness that can cause issues like urinary problems.

What About Carbonated Water?

Smaller amounts of carbonated water are safe for cat's consumption, and it must be kept under check. As long as there are no extra flavors added to the drink, carbonated water is safe for your cats and other pets as well. But it still may not be the best type of water to drink for your cat.

Best Drinking Water For Cats

The best drinking water for cats is filtered tap water or spring water. 

Considering how easy we can access the sources, tap water stands first on the list. We can refill the water container simply from the kitchen, or bathroom. Plus, the tap water originally is cat's favorite, for it's always fresh and flowing, cats love running water, and tend to drink it.

Be it's the best water for drinking, no doubt, it goes straight to the filtered water. Natural tap water contains a myriad of bacteria and impurities that can not directly offer to your cats. Many pet owners got their tap set up with filter may consider that their tap water is safe now. No-no, water we provide for pets has constant and close touches with our pets, not mention their flying hair, only food particles can be a big issue.

So, got a water container that can has a consistent filtration is tbe best option ever.

Laika Pets Aqua Cat Water Fountain

Laika Aqua Pet Water Fountain

In short, the Laika Aqua Pet Water fountain is the best type of water to drink for your cat. It will allow your cat to live on healthy life and feed itself whenever thirsty. Our busy life schedules don't allow us to keep feeding food and water to our pet cats from time to time all day.

Hence, it is best to let them feed on clean and adequate water themselves. You can get your pack of filters and choose which number suits you the best. The premium replacement filters will allow you to feed your cat the best quality of water.

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