Best Dog Nail Clippers For Home Use | Laika Pets

Best Dog Nail Clippers For Home Use | Laika Pets

It’s been a while since the pandemic began. With situations getting worse, we canceled all our social activities, and then we have been in lockdown for a long time.

Well, my dog’s nails are getting longer and longer with the lockdowns going on. Then, my house is in a mess, and I am desperate to see our vet! We know things have changed. Thus, I decided to trim his nails at the home of my own.

I did so much homework, and here are what kind of qualities you need to know when searching for dog nail clippers. I hope this can give you a little help if you’re in the same situation.

NOTE - NEVER USE a human nail clipper on your dog or other animals. Find nail clippers that special for pets.

Able to Make Smooth Cuts

It is talking about the blades. Dog’s nails usually are thick and tough, which sets high criteria for the blades of clippers. They need to be sharp. Sharp blades ensure quick and clean cuts. Dull blades will get you split nails. Second, thick blades are required to cut the thickest nail. Choose the sturdy stainless steel blades, or clippers may break even before the claw.

With Safety Protection Features

  • Avoid Over-Cutting

All we worry about trimming at home is cutting too far into the nail. We are not professional, so tools are necessary to help us avoid over-cutting. So, looking for clippers with a safety guard.

  • Safe for Storage

Blades are sharp but dangerous. As dogs are curious creatures by nature, they love to explore. It is possible to get hurt by accidental bites. Therefore, whether it is safe enough when not in use matters.

Need to Be Effortless

Dog nail clippers usually are harder than human nail clippers, especially when trimming some tough nails. If home trimming takes you so much time but cannot even have a safe cut, that is a no-no.


LAIKA Professional Dog Nail Clippers are here for your best trimming experience

▲SHARP & THICK blades - made of high-quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel

Round TIP – reduces the risk of sharp blades

CRESCENT blades – special for pet nail shapes

With a SAFETY GUARD – right behind the blades to avoid over-cutting

FREE FILE attached

SAFETY LOCK on the handle – for safe storage

PREMIUM SPRING – auto rebound after each cut – absolutely effortless


Your fur friends deserve this, so do you.

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