Best Chew Toys for Puppies

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Puppies, are without a doubt, adorable. They are the cutest little pets you can have in your home. They are even more adorable when they are happy and healthy. Furthermore, they love to chew - it makes them happy and helps their growth process. Much like human babies, puppies are curious about their new environment and therefore try to explore their new world by putting things in their mouth. To ensure their safety and health, you cannot let them chew on just any object. It is important you get the best chew toys for puppies and dogs.

Chewing is normal behavior for dogs - especially puppies. They chew because they are teething, playing, or learning about their environment. If you do not provide them with a safe object to chew on, they will chew on any available object in their sights, such as your expensive shoe or even a couch. You should not let this happen for so many reasons - one, it endangers their health and secondly, they can damage your expensive objects. Fortunately, it is easier than ever today to buy safe chew toys for your puppies.

 Why Is It Important to Choose Safe Chew Toys for Dogs?

You should make safe chewing a priority for your puppies and dogs. According to research by Veterinary Partner, destructive chewing is a common problem in puppies and adult dogs. However, it is more prevalent in puppies between one and eight months of age. They are teething during this stage and can harm themselves or your property.

Besides, buying the first chew toy you see on Amazon won’t solve this problem. It could make it worse. Chew toys for puppies and dogs come in a huge variety of materials and textures. They also range from reinforced rubber toys to cotton toys. This means you can easily choose the wrong one without the right guidance. It is heartbreaking to watch your little puppy suffer a mouth wound because of the wrong chew toy. Therefore, this article will provide you with guidance on choosing the best toys for puppies and dogs. Read until the end to discover the right chew toy for your puppy or dog.

Best Toys for Small Dogs

KONG® Puppy Dog Toys

There are so many reasons why a lot of dog owners rated Kong Puppy Dog Toys as the best chew toys for small dogs. The period between 1 and 8 months is crucial for your puppies. They can easily harm themselves just by chewing on any toy. This is what the makers of Kong Puppy Chew Toy had in mind when producing this toy. The choice of material and the design ensures you provide a high-quality standard toy for a small dog.

This chew toy is made from natural rubber formula and perfectly designed for the needs of a puppy’s 28-baby teeth. The quality of the material provides a comfortable and gentle chewing experience, while the design provides the right fitting for the mouth of a small dog. It is made in the United States and comes in various sizes which include XS, S, M, and L Assorted. You can teach your puppy appropriate chewing behavior while ensuring his safety with this toy.

Best Chew Toys for Dogs

Laika Indestructible Squeaky Dog Ball

Big dogs can tear into a new ball within minutes. If the ball has so much chemical material, it can cause problems for your dog. You need something safe and much more difficult to chew through like these Laika Indestructible Squeaky Balls. They are chemical-free and non-toxic chewing balls for older dogs. It is a way to provide safe chewing without chemical poisoning common with some popular products in the market today. It is eco-friendly too. 

Laika dog balls have a built-in squeaker that creates fun sounds to keep your dogs curious and busy. It is a great way to distract and keep them busy while you face your other chores. The textured surface and thick natural-latex material mean it is soft for chewing but resistant to tearing apart. If you own a dog or know a dog lover, this is the best chew toy for dogs you can give them as a gift. It is recommended for dogs over 20 pounds.

Best Bones for Puppies

Puppy Chew Freezer Dog Bone

When your puppies are less than 25 pounds, chewing on harsh and hard materials can be a huge disaster. One wrong chew can cause a life-changing wound. But with a soft chew toy such as Puppy Chew Freezer Dog Bone, you can significantly reduce the risk. This chewing bone has been rated as the best chew toy for teething puppies.

The fabric material ensures safe chewing and teething relief. Your puppy can overcome the restlessness that is common among teething puppies when you soak and freeze this fabric material for them. It has added soft bristles to help soothe their gums and teach them the right chewing habits. Unlike other chew bones in this category, it can be filled and frozen as many times as you want it. The peanut butter flavor will keep them coming back for more. Puppy Chew Freezer Dog Bone is best for small dogs up to 25 pounds.

Vet Recommended Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

KONG® Extreme Ball

Rated as the best chewing toy for aggressive chewers, the new Kong Extreme Ball, made in the United States, will teach your dog the right chewing pattern. It can be frustrating to have a dog that tears into any chew toy you got them. Kong Extreme Ball is designed not just to stop that habit but teach your dog the right way to chew.

It is resistant to puncture and provides extreme bounce to make playing with it more interactive for your dog. Like most Kong Company chew balls, it is made from natural and chemical-free material for a safe and healthy chew. The design provides the right fitting for the mouth - just ensure you choose the right size - small, medium, or large for your dog. You cannot go wrong with Kong Extreme Ball when you have an aggressive chewing dog at home.

Pick a Safe Chew Toy for Your Dog

Dog safety and health should be a top priority when choosing the next chew toy for them. The act of choosing a toy for dogs can be difficult for you, but it means a lot for your dog. They will reject your expensive toy or tear it into shreds when it is not right for them. The above guide provided the best chew toys in different categories. All of them have been rated safe and chemical-free. You can make your dog extremely happy and teach them the right chewing behavior when you choose the right toy for them.

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