Benefits of Using Cat Water Fountain

Laika Aqua Cat Water Fountain

As cat dad or mom, you probably be heard of cat water fountain often. However, have you digged into what it can really do, and how does it work? Most importantly, what benefits does it have for our meow friends? So, here it’s for you - a proper guide about pet water fountains.

Benefits of Using a Pet Water Fountain?

For your dear feline, you should always provide them with fresh and clean water daily to keep them hydrated, exactly what a drinking fountain can do for you:

  • Encourage cats to drink more

Laika Flowing Water Cat Water Fountain

    Cats instinctively tend to drink flowing water. Inherited from their feline ancestries who are adapted to desert dry climate, cats do not feel the thirst often than other pets. And cats are particular with drinking water, fresh flowing water is more appealing to them. A cat water fountain can work it out:

    The cat water fountain runs water in circulation which means the water always contains a high capacity of oxygen,  so to keep it "brand new". All-day flowing clean water absolutely can entice kittens to drink more.

      • Provide fresh, clean water all-time

      Indeed, by nature your cat, only tend to drink the cleanest of water! Traditional water bowl definitely fail to achieve that, unless you spend your whole day besides the bowl. Even you're able to replace the drinking water each minute,  but those harmful microorganism can't be eliminated only by water replacement. Smart cat water fountains designed with a filtration system to filter out and purifying water, and with a UV germicidal light inside, allow the drinking water to be free of debris.

      Laika Cat Water Fountain

      UV light generates light to kill harmful bacteria and also prevent tons of bacteria growth inside the tank. A functional filtration system to clear all the particles and debris, when it down to the tank, UV light take its responsibility to sterilize. From outside to inside, a cat water fountain guards the water quality with dual purifying protection for thorough safety. Can your traditional bowl help you with that? Obviously, it's a negative answer.

      Remember, cats and dogs have a far better sense of smell than you, so the water that may appear clean to you may appear ‘not so clean' to your pet.

        • Save time and resources 

        As pet parents, you may have seen and done this before. Replace the water in the bowl, even if there is still water remaining. We all get it, that's not an eco-friendly and a sustainable doing. We have to pour all water out because it's "polluted", we should and must do that for the well-being of our furry friends. But, have you wondered how about not with a bowl? How about a cat water fountain?

        Yes, sure thing, cat drinking fountains can help. Generally, cat water fountains holds a large capacity of water than the bowl, e.g.  a cat fountain with 90oz/2.7L is enough for a week. And applied with filter and UV light, you can rest assured that water in the tank stays pure and clear for that period. Such a water capacity allows you to replace the tank once a week, saving a lot of  water compared to once a day.

        • Perfect for busy pet parents

        If you have a busy lifestyle, you may sometimes fail to change in time. This can really affect the health of your pet over time. But, with a water fountain, you will have to do the least! Cat water fountain as a trustful assistant, gives you a favor when you're out of home, so that your feline friend won't suffer dehydration even you're absent for a period of time.

          How to Choose a Cat Drinking Fountain?

          Well, knowing the benefits of using a cat water fountain above, time for learning how to pick the best cat fountain:

          • Electricity safety

          Laika Cat Fountain Anti Bite Electric Cords

          The foremost thing to consider is the safety of your pet. A cat water fountain must be safe to use. It should be properly designed (especially the pump) for hydroelectricity separation to avoid any electric shocks or mishaps. 

            • Large capacity


            You should look for the good water storage capacity of the fountain. The best pet water fountain  can't be titled "best" if it doesn't have a good water capacity. Once your cat/dog gets used to it, you won’t need to worry about his/her hydration with enough water in the fountain. What's more, cat fountain sets you free, you do not need to refill it continuously.

              • Filtration system & UV light


              Another extremely important factor to consider is the system of water quality. As mentioned before, advanced water fountains with filters and UV, can offer all-day fresh and pure water for your pet. Which means, the more layers you got, the cleaner water your furry companion will have. Therefore, look into filters specifications when buying a cat water fountain.  For UV light, pay attention to its working frequency. These significant features make the water hygienic for your pet to drink from.

                • Easy to clean

                A fountain should also be easy to separate and clean. It should require no tools to be disassembled. Especially, the tank should be easily removable and the filters easily replaceable. An ideal pet water fountain should be of ease to clean and maintain. Though you will not need to refill the reservoir continuously, you will have to change the filters and clean the fountain regularly to avoid slime. So, it is critical to choose a fountain will lesser maintenance. The maintenance should be easy and hassle-free.

                  • Low noise

                  Cat water fountains are intelligent gadgets, sounds is an aspect you need to care for your sensitive domestic animals. Your pet may not like a noisy fountain and therefore refuse to drink from it. Make sure you choose the one that has a really quiet pump. 

                  Which One Should You Choose?/Our Recommendation

                  Try Cat Fountain

                  If you find it tricky to choose the right product for your pet buddy, here is the best one for you:

                  Laika Aqua Pet Water Fountain. A product with the best qualities that a proper pet water fountain should have. Noise level lower than 29dB, such that you can even keep it in your bedroom! Your pet will get used to it in no time! It has a large storage tank (91oz/2.7L) which is easily removable. Easy to maintain, it doesn’t have any dead corners and can be easily cleaned just by rinsing it with water. 

                  Moreover, Laika cat water fountain has UV germicidal light and a four-stage (double layer PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resin) filtering layer for purifying and bacteria-free water. It also features two modes - circulation mode for the cleanest water and eco-mode to save energy.

                  Laika UV Light Cat Water fountain

                  Aqua also has smart indicator lights to indicate water filter changing, water shortage, and UV germ-killing. You can use this amazing product for pets of any size, say for a dog as a dog water fountain and for a cat as cat drinking fountain.

                  Above all, Laika Aqua Pet Water Fountain is available at an affordable price.

                  Final Words

                  By now, as a caring pet parent, you know all the advantages a cat water fountain has over a traditional bowl. Apart from ease of use, it saves you time and more importantly is hygienic for your pet than a traditional bowl. Though a traditional bowl is the cheapest option, a pet water fountain is the best! 

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