Are Squeaky Toys Bad for Dogs?

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Squeaky toys for dogs are one of the best gifts you can give your furry friend. Dogs are man’s best friends; dogs are very playful, and they love to play with their human friends. However, toys are also very popular with most of them. What becomes a nervous test for some dog owners is an absolute must for others - the squeak toy. But let's look at it from a dog's point of view. What are they and how good are squeaky toys for dogs?

What Are Squeaky Toys for Dogs?

There seems to be no dog ​​owner who does not know them; the dog toys that squeak when being bitten.

Dog squeaky toys have different types, squeaky chew balls and squeaky plush toys are most often kind on the market. They can make sounds compared to other normal dog toys.

How Does a Squeaky Toy Work?

They have a little built-in squeaker that produces a sharp, shrill sound when the toy is bitten or squeezed.

When a dog bites the squeak toy, air passes through the squeaker, producing a unique sound from the installed squeaker. The sound is often high-pitched. When the dog releases his biting grip, the toy reinflates and returns to its usual shape.

Are Squeaky Toys Bad for Dogs?

Squeaky toys are considered safe for dogs, but the squeaky toy playtime needs your supervision. Here are a few potential dangers you should be aware of with the squeaky toys.


Squeaky toys are considered not that useful for tender dogs because they are yet to master bite inhibition training. Puppies learn bite inhibition from when they turn 8 weeks or older. Bite inhibition teaches a dog how hard it can bite other dogs or human playmates while playing without injuring them. Exposing your little puppy too early to squeaky dog toys prevents them from receiving the stop signal which they naturally get from their fellow dogs. Even if most of them can very well differentiate the dog toy from other play partners, you should take into account how your dog reacts.

Dangers of Unhealthy Ingestion

Most dogs love peeling off the squeaker from dog toys. These squeakers are not very big; hence there is a risk of swallowing, which also leads to the risk of intestinal obstruction. So, it is best to go for indestructible squeaky toys, and inspect your dog's toy basket often.

Reactive Dogs

Some dogs that have a low stimulus threshold are quickly stimulated by these squeaky toys. They become overly excited, and in this state of excitement, dogs are often no longer responsive and tend to ignore rules and limits. It is therefore important to expose such dogs to less active games, which are considered more adequate. Or limit the squeaky playtime and get yourself involved in the play so to lead your pooch to properly behave himself.

Hunting Behavior

There is the theory that the squeaking should imitate the death scream of rodents when catching prey, and thus the toy should be made more exciting for the dog. Whether there is any truth in these remains to be seen, but it certainly does not hurt to resort to other games for a dog with pronounced hunting behavior. In principle, a dog can of course differentiate between real prey and toys.

Squeaky Toys Are Fine for Dogs

Toys with squeaker built-in can stimulate a dog's great passion to play with them, which encourages dogs to move their butt and get exercised. In a way, Dogs love to play with squeaker toys to satisfy the hunting instinct drive, and the playtime does give dogs great happiness. 

Squeaky toys with raised or spiked surface are good for removing plaque and tartar from dog's teeth. Dental chews are a great way to preserve your dog’s overall dental health and keep his breath smelling fresh. 

Squeaky dog toys does bring our canines much fun and benefits.

Every type of toy has some certain kinds of risk existing, as long as you pick up the right toys and supervise the play, your pooch can enjoy a free and satisfied squeaky toy playtime. 

Why Do Dogs Like the Squeaky Sounds?

The main theory as to why dogs like squeaky toys so much has to do with their prey instinct. The squeak of a toy is thought to resemble the shrill cry of prey being chased or caught.

The sound of a frightened or injured animal might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we watch our dogs play with cute squeaky toys, but it is probably in the foreground in the mind of our dogs.

Although it is a bit morbid to think about it, there was a time when our dog's ancestors had to hunt for food.

Dogs love squeaky toys because they appeal to their hunting instincts, a normal behavior that is fun and very rewarding for dogs. However, be careful until you know how your dog reacts when playing with toys.

But Why Are Some Dogs Scared of Squeaky Toys?

Most squeaky toys for dogs are annoying to some dogs. Such dogs find the high pitch of most squeaking toys stressful. This is especially for dogs with a phobia of sounds. It stirs up anxiety, which the dogs find uncomfortable dealing with.

Some dogs who play with a squeaky toy dog for the first time may feel frightened when it squeaks and are more likely to feel insecure.

Squeaky toys arouse tension in some dogs, alerting a desire to protect the squeaking toy from being hurt.

Why Do Dogs Howl at Squeaky Toys?

It is natural for most dogs to emit this brief howl or whine while with a squeaky toy. Experts believe that this can be linked to fear, need for attention, desire for reward, or an expression of excitement. When a dog feels threatened by the squeaky toy, it is likely to howl at the toy. Dog howls resulting from anxiety come out harsh and fearful.

Dogs are smart, and somehow, they know that they can easily get the attention of their owner through behavioral changes. So when a dog makes short whimpering howls at their squeaking toy, it may indicate that the dog is seeking for reward or the attention of the owner.

Best Squeaky Toys for Dogs

Anyone who thinks that there is nothing to consider when buying a squeaky toy is wrong. Unique to every furry buddy is their need; hence, both size and material should be chosen appropriately when shopping for a squeaky dog toy.


Proper Sizes

When buying a squeaky dog ball, it is important to go for a size not too big to fit into the mouth of your dog, and not too small to avoid accidental ingestion.

Appropriate ball sizes and weights are easy to chew at and not too heavy to carry.

Safe Material

Some balls are made of unhealthy materials and can harm dogs when they chew at them.

Look out for squeaky toys made of natural materials and do not contain chemicals.

Material Durability

Heavy dog chewers need balls made of durable materials. Dogs chew balls that can easily be chewed into bits and pieces are both unsafe for your dog and a waste of money.

Source for a squeaky dog ball that is made of tough, healthy materials.


Just like their human friends, dogs love beautiful and colorful items. Your dogs will surely love their squeaky ball if it has a good fragrance or flavoring. Whatever your choice may be, do not underplay safety. Go for only toys that are safe for your dogs' health.

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