Ambassador Spotlight: Millicent (aka Millie)

Laika Pets Ambassador

We had the pleasure of meeting Millie in Sep. 2021. She's very smart and full of life, with her unique sense of humor in the story telling. You can find Millie on Instagram.

Millie's story with Laika Pets

Hi! My name is Millicent! Most of the furry followers and people around here call me Millie! I’m a German Shepherd from Eagle, Wisconsin. I should add, my Mom & Dad are Mac & Kim. I guess they’re important, cause they’re the ones that got me my 1st Laika balls!

We encountered through a giveaway co-hosted by your friend Leia, and you've been including us in your many stories ever since.

I first heard about these AMAZING balls from my Instagram friend @leia_thesheperd when she Co-hosted a giveaway! I was a lucky winner!!! From the moment that package arrived, our home has not been silent! These balls are by far my favorite! I couldn’t keep tennis balls in stock. Now the tennis balls lay collecting dust.

Do you really carry our chewing balls around?

My Laika balls have become a sense of comfort for me, as well as my favorite play toys. I take one to bed, I take one outside, I take one literally everywhere I go. My parents have even laid them out to see if I choose specific ones for specific tasks! And I do! Don’t ever let anyone tell you dogs aren’t smart! We know our toys!

What makes our chewing balls your favorites?

My favorite is the Antelope and the Elephant. I love the Smooth texture. Dad put all five balls in a line and I always choose those two first.

Have any of your friends tried our chewing balls?

I have not gifted any of my balls to friends yet, but I have shared my love of them on my Instagram page and friends have purchased them! I should gift them, maybe if I win the lottery. But I love them so much, I’m not ready to give them away. Mom probably would, she likes giving presents.
She’d probably give them away, cause she gets really frustrated with me sometimes cause I play this game with her with my balls.

And that's your favorite game, right? (I've seen photos of you pushing them under the shelf & couch.)

I play this game with her with my balls. I purposely roll them under the couch, under the tables, and dressers! Then I bark and bark until she has to get up and crawl under to retrieve the balls! Then we do it over and over again! I love that game! Her, not so much.

Momager Kim:

Hi….. Millie’s Mom here. I thought I’d add a few comments quick before I have to go fetch more balls underneath some furniture! Honestly, Millie plays with these balls non-stop! We are not exaggerating when we tell you how much she loves them! I find myself toning down the amount of pictures I post on her Instagram account of her and her Laika balls because it would look like I work for Laika if I posted all the pictures I have of her on a daily basis with these balls! They’re like a drug for her, she can’t get enough of them!

We bought her another box for Christmas (of course), and one of the squeakers wasn’t working. I contacted the company, and they had a new box delivered to her immediately. The customer service is top-notch! I love that! I love the interaction they have with us on her social media account. You don’t get that with big companies. They care what we think about their products!
They answer my messages, and respond!

When Millie won the giveaway, she also won the Nail Grinder. It actually was an awesome product. It wasn’t made for Millie’s size nails, but, my daughter has smaller dogs, so I gifted it to her! She LOVES it! She has a Rat Terrier and the product works great.

In closing this out, I just wanna say……you can’t go wrong with Laika Balls! With how our world is today, it’s so nice to have some fun and support small businesses and keep them going! This is a company I’m so grateful to have been introduced to. They’ve brought so much joy to Millie. When I look at all the smiles she’s brought to our lives, bringing this box of wild animals into our home is the very least I can do for her!


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