Ambassador Spotlight: Leo & Remi

Ambassador Spotlight: Leo & Remi

Leo is a Black and Tan 4 year old French Bulldog and Remi is a 2 year old Blue Fawn French Bulldog. Leo is the calm one of the two and has never met a creature or hooman he doesn't love. Remi on the other hand.....well let's just say she is a bit of a drama queen.

You can find them on Instagram.

Laika Latex Balls


We encountered on Instagram right before Remi's birthday and joined the Celebration. We were not sure what to expect. Then we received the squeaky ball set!! Remi and Leo both love them however Leo is absolutely OBSESSED!!! He could play with them for hours. I actually have to hide them from him or he won't give up asking to play.

As their Mom I love how soft they are and that they are in the cutest animal shapes!!! 



Laika Pets Balls


We also received the nail grinder which works great and helps make our least favorite thing a bit more tolerable.

Laika Pets Nail Grinder

Vacation go-to products would be plenty of poop bags, water bottle/bowls, collapsible crates, fillable chew toys just to name a few.

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