9 Outdoor Fun Activitites to Do with Your Dog

dog sitting in front of campfire near a pool during day time

A dog is a man’s best friend and one we can have a lot of fun with! Many people enjoy spending time with their pets and taking part in a range of outdoor activities. Such activities can help strengthen their bond and let you have a great, relaxing time. For first-time dog-owners, the challenge may be to identify different things to do with your dog that both you and your pet may enjoy. Don’t worry! As a group of young pet lovers, we have compiled a complete list of outdoor dog activities that can make your time memorable and fun, including:

Go Hiking

man with jacket and a brown dog hikinng on autumn

No one enjoys a walk more than your dog. Consider carrying your dog around in a nylon backpack or leash when going out for your hiking trip. Dog outdoor activities involving beautiful natural sceneries and landscapes can be an excellent bond-building excursion for the pet and the owner. Additionally, the walk can boost your dog’s health and reduce the chances of chronic diseases. It makes you feel connected to your pet, much like a friend who is ready to go on an adventure with you anytime, anywhere you want.

Go Camping

woman and a dog inside outdoor tent near a lake

One of the best and most interesting things to do with your dog is to take them on a camping trip. Consider buying a portable puppy tent as well. These tents can give a real camping experience to your pet friendly as well. Think about picnicking, exploring the area, starting a campfire, telling campfire stories, and even just lying down together to watch the stars with your dog. Treat them as your friend, and they will revert the same!

Take a Swim

black dog playing with stick on water

No one likes swimming more than your furry little friend. One fun dog outdoor activity that most new dog owners miss out on is swimming, considering it detrimental to the dog’s health. Don’t worry! Laika assures you that your little buddy loves playing with you in water or floating around on an inflatable toy. Remember, some dogs are natural swimmers, while others may need swim training. Provide them a life jacket and help them surf around the first few times to make them your long-term swim partners.

Visit the Beach

two brown long-coated dogs on beach during daytime

Heading out to your nearest beach is one of the most interesting outdoor dog activities. Build your next sandcastle with your buddy around you. Dogs love spending time in beach areas, running in the sand, and chasing their owner during their beach walks. Enjoy sunbathing on a nice sunny morning with your pal lying beside you. Similarly, you may play fetch with the dog or jog around with them. Trust us; he would be the center of everyone’s attention.

Set up Obstacle Training

a black and white long coat dog training on grass field

Got a nice backyard in your home? You have plenty of things to do with your dog in it! Consider building an agility backyard course to help train your dog. Dog training is one of the most satisfying, bond-building, and fun activities to do as a pet owner. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a home training course for your dog. In your backyard, your dog is the king: he can train at his own pace. Be there to support him, cheer on him and pat him on the back for a great round of the course! It would be a lasting memory for both you and your furry friend.

Fetch Game

a white and brown short coat dog chewing laika dog ball

One outdoor activity synonymous with owning a dog is playing fetch. It has been popularized in the mass media for the close connection it helps to form between you and your pet partner. It’s fun too! Get our Squeaky Dog Chewing Ball to redouble the thrilling from experience. Get out in your backyard, let the dog know the game’s one, and throw the ball around for them to fetch. Consider giving your dog a treat during the activity, or treat them to a luxurious “dog-meal” afterward. Who needs a playmate when you have got a dog in your home! Our product is made from high-quality material, offering maximum durability. Additionally, it is designed to look as appealing and attractive as possible. Enjoy the best interactive play with our ball today.

Head to Dog Parks

two brown and white dogs on the dog parks

As the name suggests, these parks are made specifically for your pets. The thing to do with your dog in the dog parks may include running around, having a picnic, or letting your dogs socialize with others present at the park. Some parks even have special courses developed for the dogs to enjoy.

However, some dog parks may have strict restrictions to ensure that everyone is safe. First, you must have all the vaccinations and licenses required. Additionally, only bring enough dogs that you can handle properly. The key is to avoid any aggressive behavior. Ensure that you clean your dog after a visit to the park to avoid any germs staying on them.

Go for Walks

a black dog walking on the pavement with laika retractable leash on

Exercise is the key to a healthy life, and it isn’t much different for your dogs as well. Take your dog around with you for a morning walk every day. Consider using a leash and helping them move around freely. Many parks have separate tracks for dogs, where both the owners and the dogs can enjoy a healthy walk together.

Host a Party

grey and white long coated dog lying on blue balloons

Let your little friend have a blast by throwing a backyard party for them! Invite other dog owners from around the block and serve some of the tastiest dog food to all arriving dog guests. Such activities can help your dog socialize and feel part of a community. Concurrently, you may converse with other dog owners to learn about their petting experience. This way, both you and your dog can have a great time.

Explore New Activities
There are many things to do with your dog outdoors. Try selecting the ones that resonate the most with your personality. Remember, it never hurts to try out new things. Let us know in the comment section if the article was helpful.

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