8 Ways to Make Your Dog's Life Healthier

8 Ways to Make Your Dog's Life Healthier

Dogs help us feel valued and joyful just by being themselves -- adorable, lovable, and furry. In addition to boosting our quality of life, it raises the ever-so-important question: What have we done for them lately? The necessities like food, medical care, housing, grooming, toys, and other amenities are provided for our dogs, but what exactly do we do to increase their happiness? Here are some ways to improve our dogs' quality of life.

  • Exercise regularly

The wild exuberance most dogs display when they hear the mere whisper of a walk reflects their love of activity. Your dog will appreciate taking an extra-long hike with you, joining you on a run, or taking a few short walks on top of the daily walks. You can make the experience even more enjoyable for your dog by finding a dog park where he can run off-leash safely.

Engage your dog's mind by engaging him in enrichment puzzles, new toys, trips to new places, and learning new skills and tricks.

  • Train your dogs

Dog training isn't usually the first word that pops into your head when you think of fun. I would describe the situation as frustrating and confusing, but that is beside the point. You can make training more enjoyable for your dog by making it relatively simple. Keeping your dog motivated to learn new things is easier when training sessions are fun for them.

Switching up the reward can be a great way to make your dog's training more enjoyable and interesting. Use a variety of rewards, including games, toys and treats. Certain dogs are highly motivated by food, while others enjoy playing. Choose rewards that your dog enjoys and save them for when you're working on difficult behaviours.

Keeping your sessions short and sweet is another way to make training more fun. Too much time spent on anything can lead to frustration for both you and your dog. Dogs do not have unlimited attention spans. Short training sessions will help you avoid frustration (I prefer 5-minute training sessions). Be sure to express plenty of praise when your dog does what you ask - the timing of your praise will encourage that behaviour in the future.

  • Keep them hydrated

Your dogs need water just as much as you do. You should always keep a dog's water bowl filled in your home for this reason. It is possible to use an automatic bowl filler for this, which will fill the bowl automatically when it is empty, thus relieving you of this worry.

  • Keep their weight in control

You need to keep your pup's weight in check if you want them to live a healthy life. However, an estimated 52.7% of dogs are overweight or obese in the United States. Can you relate? Check your dog's spine by running your hands over his spine and ribs. The ribs and spine should easily be felt (although, they shouldn't be protruding). Otherwise, your dog is likely overweight.

  • Take care of the cleaning

A well-groomed dog is most comfortable when their coats are orderly and free of mats that irritate their skin. Short toenails make it easier for them to move comfortably and eliminate tangles more easily. A haircut that can allow for unobstructed vision is better (and safer) than one that has fur hanging over the eyes, no matter how adorable it may look.

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  • Have fun

Playdates with other doggies that are well-behaved and well-socialized are important. When dogs play together, their exhilaration is palpable, and their exhilaration is contagious.

Your relationship with your furry friend will be stronger when you communicate with each other. When your pooch knows what you expect from him, daily life runs more smoothly, which will benefit his quality of life. Studies show dogs can learn 165 words on average and 250 words in the top 20 per cent of dog intelligence.

  • Accompany

Whenever you take your dog outside, make sure that they are wearing their harness and collar so that they do not chase other dogs. Additionally, taking your dog out for a walk can help build their rapport with you. Dogs love outings, and you can play with them all out and it will make them happy for both of you.

  • Hug

Despite what some may think, being happy and content can extend the lifespan of humans and canines. There is evidence that having a pet increases lifespan in humans by lowering blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, and reducing depression. Make your pooch feel loved and benefit from the same benefits. Hugs and cuddles can make a big difference!

  • Mutual love
Dogs are beautiful creatures and they need as much attention and love and care as we need and these are the reasons why you should focus on keeping your dog healthier. The healthier your dog will be, the happier he will stay and the more fun you can have with him. This is why you must take care of his exercise, training, food, cleaning habits and many other things.

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