8 Tricks to Make Dog Love You More

woman and a balck white dog hugging together

Do you want your new pet dog to like you? After all, you don’t want to declare the infamous heartbreaking sentence: “My dog doesn’t like me!” As an owner, It’s easy to get discouraged when your dog doesn’t trust you. However, it is essential to know that animals socialize differently from humans. And this is where the problem lies. To get a dog to trust you, infusing patience along with lots of love and space will get you a long way with the dog. But how do you know what tricks will assist in forging a bond with dogs? Look no further, for here are eight tricks to get a dog to like you.

1.  Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time is essential for every relationship. Hence, if you want to get a dog to like you, you must spend quality time together. The more time you spend with your pet, the more your pet will open up to you. First of all, find them a comfy spot in your room or a living room, anywhere where they can see you. Then, cuddle with your fur baby when you read, watch TV or listen to music.

If you want to bond with a dog, you have got to do stuff together; be it as mundane as eating together—bonds grow stronger when living beings eat together; it’s a natural fact. Apply this here and enjoy your dinners and lunches alongside your dog. Treat your dogs like your best friends! Bring them along on errands, walk together, work out together, play together, share the same room while you do your homework and your dog rests. Even explore new outside areas with your dog. All this time spent with your dog will bring you both close to each other.

2.  Pet the Dog Properly

It is entirely okay to have the urge to pet a dog when you see it, be it your own or a stranger. The importance lies in how you pet it. It would be best if you learned how to pet the dog suitably. If you accidentally touch the wrong areas, this may trigger aggressive behavior or anxiety, leading to trust issues. Therefore, pet the dog appropriately by being gentle.

Moreover, studies have shown that the whole activity should be therapeutic for both the dog and you. After all, it’s shared contact! Stay calm, be soft and slow with your petting. Rub in the direction of the furs’ growth. Avoid being rough and wait for the dog’s reactions. Avoid touching the face or the top of the head because they consider it an invasion of personal space! Instead, gently stroke and rub its shoulders, chest or the base of the neck.

3.  Training from Time to Time

Nobody likes being corrected. Now I don’t mean to pull entire behaviorism on you, but stimulate a specific behavior in your dog by showing them how to act, what to do and how to do it, then wait for their response. Upon receiving a positive reaction, reward your dog with a treat to reinforce the above-mentioned behavior. This training method, when repeated from time to time, will teach your dog how to learn behaviors while having fun! And in doing so, your dog will learn to trust you.

4.  Take Good Care of Their Daily Routine

Like every bond, taking care of your dog’s daily needs will bring them closer to you. Make sure they get enough sleep, food, lots of water and outdoor activities. Apart from these general activities, make sure to keep your fur baby healthy throughout their daily life by being consistent with their standard veterinary care for dental care, grooming, parasite control, and vaccinations. Your house should be a haven for your canine and, therefore, must be free from household hazards like chemicals or toxic food.

5.  Have a Consistent Communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship, and that includes one with your dog as well. Learning and understanding your pet’s body language will take you a long way. If your dog refuses to do something, do not force it. Instead, give them and try to investigate the case gently. Moreover, when training your dog, use single verbal clues and body gestures to communicate better with your dog. Reinforce these clues often as communication markers by giving your dog treats. Even if it sounds silly, talk to your dog. Don’t be loud or intimidating, and if you want trust, you need to be kind!

6.  Find Them Fun Toys

Dogs love toys! Be it Frisbee, a ball or even a stick--get them all. Play catch with your dog, get them toy bones to play with, and Frisbees to throw back at you. Get a tug toy. Incorporate training into fun games, as this will both teach and delight your fur ball. Above all, have fun.

7.  Be Generous with Treats

The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach! Be kind, generous and interactive when you hand out treats to your dog. Your body language and verbal clues should signal that they did a great job and deserve a treat! Feed them from your hand, and this will get a dog to like you even more. Plus, this activity will teach your adorable baby that you are the provider of the food, not the bowl! Finally, be generous but don’t be consistent, as this will remove the “magical feeling” in your fur kid whenever he receives a treat

8.  Respect Their Space
Finally, the final trick is to let them be. Sometimes, a dog likes to be alone, play with their toys, tend to their personal needs or simply rest and observe. His designated room should have no triggers. Shower your fur baby with affection but learn to leave them alone for a particular time of the day and night. If your pet is new, leave them alone in their space to take in their surroundings. This will help your canine to become comfortable in both your presence and absence.

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